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We love nature, this is why we love the Kovac Family’s mission (and lamp!)

Ever since the origins of our history, humans have studied mother nature and mimicked her natural system in order to solve complex problems of our existence

The keyword: biomimicry or biomimetic). The idea comes from having observed the nature. This concept has been also the inspiring muse of the visionary Kovac Family who, with its innovative sustainable design project and exquisite product, aims to improve everyday life and the environment.

Designers, architects, artists and engineers from all ages have found inspiration in the flawless beauty and the perfect harmony of the natural world.

25Lamp by Kovac Family _ biomimicry
All images courtesy of © Kovac Family

The product: 25Lamp

Taking inspiration from nature’s forms, the “25Lamp” by the Kovac Family is made from 25 pieces of FSC sustainable wood and comes in a 3 cm flat pack. It is simply and quite originally named after the number of parts used, just like all the other products in the “Numbers” collection.

The appealing and elegant shell-shaped lamp is noteworthy for merging a superb design with eco-friendly, sustainable material, besides playing and important role in an ambitious and innovative project of the Kovac Family, worked upon in collaboration with Biomimicry.

Based on a belief that “it’s time to learn from nature’s well-adapted strategies to create a more sustainable human approach to lighting”, all proceeds from the lamp actually go towards the project.

The Kovac Family

Based in Stockolm, since 2012, the Kovac Family has focused on sustainability as the core value of their business and on researching local and environmentally friendly material, to create products which cause minimum impact on the environment and are easy to recycle.

Inspiration for all their products and projects come from nature in all its splendour and perfection.

Camilla Kovac, the CEO of Kovac Family, defined as an individual “of extraordinary poetic brightness’’, is the pluri-awarded artist who put her mind, heart and soul into this innovative eco-friendly project, converging her love and respect for nature with her artistic genius.

25Lamp by Kovac Family _ biomimicry
All images courtesy of © Kovac Family

The Special Project

The ambitious research project focuses on “creating sustainable flat light, in a wallpaper thin flexible material, using a biomimetic method” and all the company profit goes back into financing the project. Once again, the idea comes from having observed nature: marine sponges, beetles, and tropical butterflies which have always produced light in a natural, economical and efficient way.

It is by this means that Kovac Family is determined to find solutions, looking for the answers that already exist in nature; thus the creation of a sustainable lightening is very close.

It’s ultimately a great contribution to the world and to our lives as it will not only lead to vital reductions in CO2 emissions and costs, but will also create a more conscious mind set in all of us, and sensitivity towards the impact our lifestyle has upon nature.

25Lamp by Kovac Family _ biomimicry
All images courtesy of © Kovac Family

The Kovac Factory

A special mention goes to the newborn project by Kovac Family: the Kovac Factory, a community that addresses to image professionals. Some relevant features to point out:

  • You can do real time delta background sync fro computer and NAS
  • Backup and safely store your images
  • The archive is compatible with most image and video formats
  • You can use the tool to share, get feedback and deliver
  • Transfers are encrypted (AES-256)
  • Your images, whatever happens in case of disasters, are available 24/7


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