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This desk lamp offers a harmonious blend of light and organizational design

The ‘Engrid’ desk lamp seamlessly integrates the roles of a lighting fixture and an organizer, catering specifically to your treasured sketching materials with dual functionality

Designed by London-based George Chacko V (aka Design by Joffey), the Engrid desk lamp represents a remarkable addition to your workspace that transcends the boundaries of traditional illumination.

More than just a source of light, the lamp redefines functionality by skillfully merging the roles of a lighting fixture and an organizer. Designed to cater to the needs of creative minds and meticulous artists, this lamp offers a dual purpose, providing both impeccable lighting and efficient organization for your cherished sketching materials.

Engrid by Design by Joffey _ George Chacko V _ desk lamp and organizer
Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey

Incorporating a sleek grid frame structure into its design, the Engrid desk lamp not only infuses a contemporary allure but also facilitates the adaptability of the light’s height and placement.

Intrigued by the concept, I reached out to the founder of Design by Joffey, seeking insight into the origins of the project and its target audience.

What aspects or existing gaps motivated the conceptualization of the Engrid desk lamp?

George Chacko V:

“The concept originated from the familiar sight of a conventional pencil cup cluttering up our workspaces, occasionally causing disarray. This prompted me to explore an alternative that seamlessly blends artistry and design.

My initial ideas led to the creation of two uncomplicated wire lattices, reminiscent of lattice grid wine racks, into which I could neatly place my markers. The inspiration lay in the transparency of the frame, allowing for effortless retrieval of your desired marker without any unnecessary fuss.

Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey – Initial concept idea

An item that stood proudly on the desk, evolving into a dynamic sculpture that transformed with each user. The evolution led to the creation of the ‘Engrid,’ a progression where the grid structure became more organized, and the tools themselves took on the dual role of bolstering a lighting element for task-oriented illumination while also raising the user’s favored tools to a heightened position.”

Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey – Initial concept idea

What innovative attributes does Engrid bring to the table in contrast to conventional desk organizers?

George Chacko V:

“What sets the ‘Engrid’ apart is how it integrates your art supplies into its design. The pens, pencils, and markers, which are typically scattered across your workspace, now play a pivotal role as supportive elements.

By utilizing these tools as props, the ‘Engrid’ lamp doesn’t just illuminate your creative space but also elevates the tools you rely on. This integration not only helps in organising your workspace better but also adds a personal touch to the lamp’s function.”

Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey

Is it modular? Can the product be expanded to have more storage?

George Chacko V:

“The present version of the product is not designed for scalability; rather, it stands as an autonomous entity adorning a user’s desk, harmonizing both aesthetics and utility. This creation serves as a dedicated repository for a user’s most frequently used pens and tools.

Moreover, it also manages to mirror the user’s individual style and preferred medium when engaging in sketching and drawing. Nonetheless, considering the adaptable nature of the lattice structure, we are actively exploring additional iterations characterized by modular features and diverse variations.”

Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey – Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey

Have you already created prototypes?

George Chacko V:

“I’m currently working on a prototype to explore a few other dimensions and alternatives to the lighting element. The current 2x5x12 lattice was based on the measurements of the average pens and markers available in the market.”

What production techniques can be used for its realization?

George Chacko V:

“Given its current specification, injection moulding as well as metal mesh weaving and welding is the approach. I’m exploring 3D printing for prototypes though. While also actively looking at a 1 couple of other materials, but their feasibility needs more testing in the next few weeks.”

Engrid desk lamp by Design by Joffey

If you were to envision a family of products that leverage the same concept, what could they be?

George Chacko V:

“I’m currently engaged in the concept of integrating lattices and grids as platforms that can incorporate supplementary functionalities. This exploration has already yielded results in the form of the ‘Cartesia’ floor lamp.

The ‘Cartesia’ lamp features a collapsible grid structure, complemented by a light tube that seamlessly fits into the grid, offering the flexibility to be repositioned and fine-tuned according to preference.”

‘Cartesia’ floor lamp concept by Design by Joffey

Who is the target audience?

George Chacko V:

“The target audience for this product comprises designers and artists who possess a distinct set of favored tools integral to their sketching and drawing routines. This design encourages a purposeful approach to selecting and returning a pen to its place, adding intentionality to the process.

Additionally, the product serves as a mirror of the artistic expression manifested on paper, encapsulating the essence of their creative endeavors.”


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