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Fabricated by Bureau Brunner – how would you use 5KG milled from a single block of stone?

Headed by designer Tobias Brunner, Zurich-based Bureau Brunner artistically crafts ‘5KG’ – a handheld block of marble and granite without a predetermined function. 

5KG by Bureau Brunner
© Bureau Brunner

Creating inclusive and accessible pieces – he focuses on sustainability, materiality, and high-quality production contributing to the goal of a circular economy. 

Questioning the possibility of fabricating a conceptual object open to individual interpretation of use – 5KG is an experiment. 

“Inspired by Richard Sennett’s theory of The Open City – I was innately curious if a design could define qualities instead of functions and therefore include the customer as an active part of the process” says Brunner.

These stunning marble and granite stones that are cut – derive from both Switzerland and neighboring alpine countries.

Contemporary yet affordable to the end user – the studio works closely with a Swiss industrial manufacturer specializing in CNC milled stone to create this eclectic product.

This process stresses on designing properties and formal qualities for one to analyze the materials and forms as symbols. 

Brilliantly made from a solid rock piece – its bulky mass is quickly interpreted to be utilized as a weight. 

© Bureau Brunner

The simple cut through the geometric stone forms a handle – a universal symbol for mobility suggesting that this portable mass of rock is capable of being used as a multifunctional tool. 

“With a specific weight, the name is a part of the designed properties – the rest is open for interpretation.

Utilizing social media for direct feedback, we received over 50 contributions from every continent with potential uses ranging from – holding books on a shelf to an atelier tool for gluing pieces or a Panini press” Brunner adds.

5KG by Bureau Brunner
© Bureau Brunner
© Bureau Brunner


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