Dorte Mandrup

  • Denmark
  • Commercial
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Workspace

Danish architect Dorte Mandrup created her eponymous architecture firm in 1999. The company comprises over 70 design professionals ranging from architects and construction specialists that work from its office in Copenhagen.

Dorte Mandrup is a specialized architectural firm known for its expertise in preserving and enhancing unique and irreplaceable locations. Their approach involves fostering a meaningful dialogue between the context and architectural design, resulting in the revitalization and elevation of existing elements to a higher level of significance.

Central to Dorte Mandrup’s philosophy is a strong commitment to both human needs and environmental considerations. Their architectural creations are designed with timelessness in mind, emphasizing a deep connection to the specific location, cultural identity, and aesthetic qualities.

In their pursuit of excellence, they seek to achieve a seamless fusion of art and science, continually pushing the boundaries of form and materials to deliver innovative and inspiring designs.