David Chipperfield Architects

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Established in 1985, David Chipperfield Architects has earned a global reputation for its expertise in the design process and its commitment to delivering projects of enduring quality. The practice operates across various sectors, encompassing cultural landmarks, residential developments, educational institutions, retail spaces, workplaces, and civic structures.

At its core, the practice is driven by a deep concern for the social and environmental sustainability of the built environment and its profound impact on our collective quality of life. David Chipperfield Architects operates as a network of five independent offices located in London, Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, and Santiago de Compostela. Each office is deeply rooted in its local context while sharing a common global vision and architectural aspirations.

This interconnected family of studios is complemented by DC Design and Fundación RIA, a non-profit research initiative based in Galicia, which extends the practice’s reach from the minutiae of product design to the grand strategies of territorial master planning.