Architecture Hunter Awards, calling Architects from around the world

Architecture Hunter, a digital media platform known worldwide and originating from Brazil, founded by Amanda Ferber, has unveiled the first edition of the Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA).

The Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA) were established to commend architectural excellence on a global scale, aiming to recognize and celebrate groundbreaking and influential designs in a range of categories.

Originating in 2013, Architecture Hunter has led the way in the digital curation of architecture, amassing a worldwide and varied audience of more than 3 million followers on its social media channels. Dedicated to engaging, educating, and entertaining its viewers, Architecture Hunter leverages a distinct mix of curated content focused on design and a strong emphasis on video communication to spotlight noteworthy architectural endeavors.

The AHA was created to honor architecture from around the globe. Architecture Hunter was founded with the mission of sharing what we believe deserves global recognition. Whether it’s from newcomers or seasoned professionals proposing innovative ideas, we aim to showcase a diverse range of projects. Our hope is that the essence of our platform resonates widely, attracting projects from individuals of all cultures and age groups. Ultimately, we aspire for the AHA to illuminate those who genuinely grasp the importance and accountability of their work.” says Amanda Ferber, Founder of Architecture Hunter.

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Architecture Hunter Awards – AH’s Instagram page

Honoring worldwide architectural achievement

The Architecture Hunter Awards embody the platform’s desire to not only acknowledge outstanding architectural achievements but also to establish a new benchmark for global architecture awards, distinguishing itself as the sole national accolade with an international scope. Officially launched on March 1, 2024, participants can submit their entries from March 19 onwards. In October 2024, the winners, representing the architects and designs that are defining our world, will be unveiled.

Diversity in Architecture and Design

Spanning seven clusters with a total of 28 categories — encompassing areas like Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Image, Video, Unbuilt Projects, and Sustainability — the AHA offers a broad spectrum of disciplines, highlighting exceptional design and creativity. Each category is designed to shine a spotlight on various facets of architecture, showcasing the field’s breadth and vitality.

The AHA jury features a prestigious array of industry experts and prominent personalities. These jurors, hailing from diverse countries and backgrounds, contribute their deep knowledge and perspectives to the judging process, ensuring that the selected projects epitomize the pinnacle of innovation and architectural excellence. Their varied viewpoints enhance the assessment, fostering a holistic and inclusive method in honoring outstanding achievements in architecture.

Confirmed jurors:

  • Adam Letch | Adam Letch | Photographer
  • Adam Mørk | Adam Mørk | Founder
  • Alexandre Costa Lopes | Costalopes Architects | Founder & Principal
  • Allan Crow | Hufton + Crow | Photographer
  • Andrew Grant | Grant Associates | Founder and Director
  • Ariadna Polo Garfias | Ariadna Polo Fotografia | Founder
  • César Béjar | César Béjar Studio | Architect / Photographer
  • Charlotte Taylor | Studio Charlotte Taylor | Designer
  • Deisi Bernardini | Blackhaus Studio | Co-Founder and Creative
  • Ema Peter | Ema Peter Photography | Architectural Photographer
  • Fernando Gasperin | Blackhaus | Co-Founder & Creative Director
  • Fran Silvestre | Fran Silvestre Arquitectos | CEO
  • Gabriel Alencar | Architecture Hunter | Film Director & Video Content Development
  • George Kroustallis | Minorstep / George Kroustallis | Photographer, Director, Visual Artist
  • Gloria Cabral | Studio 4.4 | Foundress
  • Gregory Bousquet | ARCHITECTS OFFICE | Founder
  • Ishita Sitwala | The Fishy Project | Architecture and Interior Photographer
  • Joanna Helm | MITTY | Co-Founder
  • Joe Adsett | Joe Adsett Architects | Director
  • Joe Fletcher | Joe Fletcher Photography | Photographer
  • Joe Thomas | Joe Thomas Photo | Photographer
  • Jonathan Formento | jformento. | Director
  • Luciano Kruk | Luciano Kruk arquitectos | Arquitecto
  • Luiz Nogueira | Architecture Hunter | Partner
  • Marcio Kogan | Studio MK27 | Founder
  • Matthew Bannister | DBOX | Co-Founder Creative Director
  • Nick Hufton | Hufton + Crow | Photographer
  • Patrick Abbattista | DesignWanted | Founder & CEO
  • Piero Lissoni | Lissoni & Partners | Founder
  • Raul Juste Lores | São Paulo nas Alturas | Founder
  • Ricardo De la Concha | RICARDO DE LA CONCHA FOTOGRAFÍA DE ARQUITECTURA | Architect & Architectural Photographer
  • Sanjay Puri | Sanjay Puri Architects | Principal Architect
  • Sean Gallaghner | Diller Scofidio + Renfro | Director of Sustainable Design
  • Simon Lachapelle | Simon Lachapelle Photography | Photographer / CG Supervisor
  • Sohaib Ilyas | Studio Sohaib | Filmmaker
  • Stefan Antoni | SAOTA | Principal
  • Stefano Boeri | Stefano Boeri Architetti | Architect and Urban Planner
  • Tirso Domínguez | Mavix | Filmmaker
Architecture Hunter Awards 2024 – Call for Entries

Invitation to global architects

Architecture Hunter Awards extend an invitation to its expansive and global community, welcoming students, professionals, and aficionados from regions including the USA, Europe, Brazil, and India, to engage in this significant occasion. The AHA (Architecture Hunter Awards) aims to honor architectural brilliance worldwide, recognizing the contributions of both renowned architects and the rising stars and students in the field.

Supporting social causes through participation

The registration in the AHA allocates 5% of the entry fees to Construide, a Brazilian charity that has made a significant impact, improving the lives of over 27,000 people in precarious conditions since 2017. Through its collaboration with Construide, Architecture Hunter seeks to both celebrate outstanding architectural projects and contribute positively to the welfare of the most vulnerable. Discover more about this initiative on the official Architecture Hunter website.

In addition to fostering the importance of architecture worldwide, we’ve always wanted to contribute more directly to ensuring access to good architecture for everyone. The AH team has always been closely involved with the Brazilian NGO Construíde, which builds homes for people in vulnerable situations, and we’ve always wanted to support them on a broader scale. When we decided to create the award, it was almost like a shared thought among the team that this was our greatest opportunity to do just that. As such, 5% of all AHA registrations will go to Construíde to support their work in bringing architecture to those who lack the opportunity.

Additionally, among the 28 categories, we have one specifically for architecture students. I started Architecture Hunter while still a student myself. The visibility the platform brought me opened up many professional opportunities. The intention behind including a category exclusively for these emerging minds within a global and comprehensive award, rather than creating a separate award for them, is to show the world how everyone can contribute in some way to the built environment, regardless of where they come from.” explains Amanda Ferber.

The Architecture Hunter Awards have been developed in partnership with brands that resonate with the ethos of Architecture Hunter, granting creative autonomy to the awards while embracing a shared vision. Such collaborative efforts highlight the distinctive place of the Architecture Hunter Awards as the inaugural Brazilian accolade with international significance in the architecture realm.


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