This vertical record player is as functional as it is futuristic

Industrial design student Daniel Visintainer’s Asenso is a vertical record player with an eye-catching design.

“I didn’t want to make a record player that was traditional and expected,” says Visintainer.

“I learned that records don’t function based on gravity, so I wanted to make one that could flip from horizontal to vertical based on the user’s own preference. I also wanted to combine the speaker with the player to save space.”

What makes Asenso unique is the ability to switch between a horizontal and vertical position, a futuristic feature that perfectly matches its contemporary feel, enhanced by ​​the cool blue colour theme.

Asenso is a concept that features an outer shell constructed from a bead blasted aluminium, which Visintainer chose as a lighter alternative to steel and a stronger material than plastic.

Asenso by Daniel Visintainer
© Daniel Visintainer

It contrasts nicely with the silicone wrap details, which create a soft user experience when altering the volume or changing songs.

The volume dial on the perimeter of the power button is a silicone-based grip, as well as the grip featured around the mid, treble and bass dial, which are matte plastic.

The outer ring of the speaker is covered in a polyester mix fabric. Lastly the clamps that hold the record in place while it spins are made of felt to insure that there will be no damage to the vinyl.

The player features a parting line towards the back/or bottom of the device.

If it were to be manufactured the internals would be set up within the main shell block, then features like dials and buttons would be fixed into place, and once finished the back shell plate will be then adhered securing everything in place. 

The origins of Asenso

“The name has a double meaning behind it,” explains Visintainer. “For starters it’s a simple play on the word ‘Ascend” given the option to ascend it to its vertical state.

Asenso is also the Spanish word to assent, this has a little deeper meaning as the player is meant to, in a sense, assent into its environment being vertical or horizontal.”

Asenso by Daniel Visintainer
© Daniel Visintainer


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