These glasses let you experience entertainment like never before

Blurring the boundaries between fashion and tech, LAYER brilliantly creates one-of-a-kind eyewear – VITURE One.

A next-generational device, design agency LAYER crafts ‘VITURE One’ for US tech start-up Viture – that packs cutting-edge technology into ultra-slim and light, fashion-driven frames.

With maximum immersion, these smart lifestyle glasses display a 120-inch virtual screen in front of the user via the lenses – allowing one to view media or play games without the need for a conventional screen.

Compatible with almost all streaming services and gaming platforms, this futuristic system can be synced so one can watch or play with others.

VITURE One by Layer

Offering a high degree of comfort – its classic frame featuring a minimal silhouette with exquisite detailing, weighs just 78g.

Its ergonomic design further comprises an interchangeable nose bridge that simply slides into the keyhole detail – allowing the eyewear to comfortably fit a wide range of facial structures.

Paired with a semi-flexible, collar-like neckband that contains the powerful CPU and GPU, it additionally features intuitive controls and battery.

VITURE One by Layer

The curved lines and wrapped edges of these eclectic glasses conceal the OLED display – creating the virtual screen allowing for a discreet appearance.

Offering exceptional sound quality, it also seamlessly embodies an ear-facing speaker module located in the temple.

Smart, heat-release engineering ensures users can enjoy for hours without it overheating.

Shortsighted users can adjust the display as well, to their prescription for – a crisp, clear image every time.

“The smart eyewear space is typically populated by over-designed, overly technical frames. In creating VITURE One – we wanted to deliver the antithesis of this trend” says Benjamin Hubert, founder LAYER.



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