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Endless reuse of ceramic slabs with this magnetic installation system

At the most recent Cersaie exhibition in Bologna (Italy), Iris Ceramica Group unveiled a cutting-edge system called “Attract,” which promises to enable the endless reuse of ceramic slabs in a complete circular approach

During the latest edition of Cersaie, Iris Ceramica Group introduced two projects deeply inspired by the concept of circularity: “Planet-Friendly Booth“, a 100% circular and reusable trade fair setup, and “Attract“, an innovative and sustainable dry magnetic installation system for ceramic slabs.

Being a prominent figure on the global stage for designing, manufacturing, and distributing top-notch ceramic products utilized in architectural projects ranging from residential to commercial and industrial domains, the company has consistently dedicated significant efforts towards innovation. This commitment extends beyond their products, encompassing the systems employed for their utilization and management as well.

Planet-Friendly Booth by Iris Ceramica and Henoto at Cersaie 2023

The two innovations presented serve as a tangible demonstration of this dedication, capable of conveying a message that numerous other organizations might and ought to embrace.

Attract, a revolutionary patented solution

“Attract” represents an innovative and environmentally-friendly dry magnetic installation system designed for the ceramic slabs of the company’s brands. This modular system consists of ceramic slabs that have been magnetized, arriving at the construction site ready to be placed, enabling the creation of a seamless surface, either horizontally or vertically, without the use of adhesives or supporting structures. Moreover, the removal of individual ceramic slabs is straightforward, swift, and sustainable, without the need for demolition.

Developed by Granitech, the research and innovation-focused business unit of the group, this system represents a paradigm shift in processes, resulting in a regenerative product achieved through an integrated approach.

It replaces the traditional practice of purchasing new items with the forward-looking decision to embrace reuse. Ceramic slabs can be endlessly repurposed to refresh the walls and floors of apartments, offices, stores, and any spaces requiring frequent updates.

“Attract” system by Iris Ceramica-Granitech at Cersaie 2023

Moreover, its magnetic base can be reused multiple times, cut and reassembled without losing its magnetic properties. Furthermore, each component of the system can be individually separated and managed, including considerations for reuse, disposal, and recycling.

Planet-Friendly Booth, the 100% circular exhibition space

The company and Henoto have jointly designed a booth where every single element is meticulously crafted for 100% reuse, wholeheartedly embracing the philosophy of “Nothing is wasted; everything is transformed.” This initiative serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to responsible resource management.

Planet-Friendly Booth by Iris Ceramica and Henoto at Cersaie 2023

The careful material selection played a pivotal role, enabling assembly and disassembly without generating waste and significantly reducing transported material volumes. The omission of on-site painting and cutting operations, along with the use of lightweight yet robust materials like aluminum and fabric, substantially enhanced the working conditions for booth builders on-site. This approach simultaneously upheld high-quality standards and delivered a visually striking impact.

Henoto’s Planet-Friendly Booth comprises three primary components: the floor, walls, and ceiling. Each of these elements was meticulously crafted in alignment with Henoto’s “The Neutral Way” philosophy, which prioritizes environmental impact reduction and embraces pioneering production models aimed at minimizing emissions and promoting material reuse. Both the walls and the floor feature a magnetic film that facilitates the easy installation and removal of ceramic slabs, thanks to the “Attract” system.


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