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Antolini’s Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” looks like a sheet of glacial ice

The Italian brand uses the natural quartz surface to create a spectacular new showroom concept during Milan Design Week, including a complete transformation of some of its most iconic collections and products.

Italian stone manufacturer Antolini has prepared something cooling as we slowly edge ourselves into the summer. Okay, maybe “cooling” is a little bit misleading—on the occasion of Milan Design Week, the Italian brand has transformed their showroom using Cristallo Vitrum “WOW”, an extraordinary Natural Quartz that evokes the crystalline, ethereal atmosphere of glacial ice.

To highlight the beauty of this material, Antolini has used it to craft several projects that visitors can explore. These include a monolithic bathtub, a kitchen created by Claudio Silvestrin for MinottiCucine, and an update to the brand’s Tableware Collection.

Cristallo Vitrum "WOW" by Antolini - © Max ZambelliCristallo Vitrum "WOW" by Antolini - © Max Zambelli
Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” by Antolini – © Max Zambelli

Established in Verona in 1956 by Luigi Antolini, Antolini prides itself on working with the finest natural stones, which can be used for various purposes, including the cladding of walls and furniture. Antolini is among one of the most notable names associated with these natural materials, celebrating the unique peculiarities and aesthetic of each marble and stone variety that they carry.

Integrating innovative craftsmanship with cutting-edge machinery, the company’s catalog features over 1,300 varieties of natural stone, 95 of which are exclusive selections sourced from the world’s best quarries. With a production capacity of 4,500 square meters of stone cladding per day, Antolini’s global presence extends to 182 countries, including showrooms and partnerships in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

Antolini _ Cristallo Vitrum WOW _ Milan design week
Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” by Antolini – © Max Zambelli

Now, particularly for Milan Design Week, Antolini has shifted its focus to its Milan flagship, where it celebrates one of its most spectacular materials by creating an environment entirely defined by it. At the center of this showroom is a large bathtub crafted from a single block of Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” and meticulously hand-polished. This sculptural masterpiece stands as a testament to Antolini’s craftsmanship, which has been passed down through generations. 

“A unique and ethereal work of art, [it] bears witness to an unparalleled craftsmanship and unique know-how – handed down from generation to generation – as well as to a type of meticulous, quality workmanship that contrasts with the frenetic pace of production that seems to distinguish our present,” says Antolini.

Antolini _ Cristallo Vitrum WOW _ Milan design week
Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” by Antolini – © Max Zambelli

Meticulously crafted by Antolini’s specialized team, its hand-polished finish radiates unparalleled sophistication. With the inherent translucency of premium stone, enhanced by strategic lighting, it transforms seamlessly throughout the day, the perfect addition to any spa environment or clients seeking to elevate their spaces to luxurious sanctuaries.

The adaptability of the natural stone also takes tangible shape in a fresh interpretation of Terra, a renowned kitchen originally crafted by Claudio Silvestrin for MinottiCucine in 2004. The iconic kitchen commemorates its inaugural two decades in a captivating ensemble that offers a distinctively visual and reflective encounter, courtesy of its remarkable translucency and the careful engineering of the furniture structure, facilitating an unhindered flow of light.

Cristallo Vitrum "WOW" by Antolini - © Max Zambelli
Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” by Antolini – © Max Zambelli

“This extraordinary Natural Quartz, part of the company’s Exclusive Collection, features a surface over which amber veins dance hypnotically through transparencies, evoking the crystalline, ethereal atmosphere of glacial ice,” adds the brand. 

This unique collection offers some of the most highly sought-after stone slabs in the world, acquired from limited production quarries around the world. The extensive selection of stones in this collection celebrates the diverse hues found in nature’s breathtaking masterpieces. From the lush, verdant tones of Irish Green to the extraordinary impression of Elegant Brown Quartzite, the collection embodies the brand’s perfected interpretation of nature’s own designs.

Antolini _ Cristallo Vitrum WOW _ Milan design week
Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” by Antolini – © Max Zambelli

“Completing the display is the precious Tableware Collection designed by Alessandro La Spada, the collection of table accessories presented at the previous edition of Milan Design Week in Irish Green and now proposed in this exclusive new version that combines Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” with satin-finished gold metal accents.”

Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” stands out as a particularly hard natural stone, championed by the brand for its durability and resistance to stains and scratches. Notably, its distinctive structure and surface variations, including transparent sections, enable backlighting. However, its exceptional hardness poses handling and processing challenges, necessitating the use of diamond-tipped tools and specialized technical skills.

Cristallo Vitrum “WOW” by Antolini – © Max Zambelli

La Spada is also the designer behind the narrative woven into the fabric of the showroom. Together with Antolini, he has crafted an aesthetic haven which highlights his signature blend of extravagance and eccentricity. Here, guests are invited to experience the brand, situated at the crossroads of Milan’s city center, amid the bustling streets of Piazza Fontana and via San Clemente. 

During Milan Design Week, visitors can expect an immersive journey through the artistry of Alessandro La Spada with a focus on Antolini’s spectacular Cristallo Vitrum “WOW”. “[It] is an enchanting world to discover, created by Mother Nature and refined with a human touch, capable of creating environments characterized by timeless design and elegance,” says Antolini. 

Antolini _ Cristallo Vitrum WOW _ Milan design week
Antolini Showroom – © Max Zambelli

Discover the Antolini Stoneroom during Milan Design Week at Piazza Fontana on Via S. Clemente, inviting visitors to explore the new showroom concept from April 15th to April 21st. Beyond Fuorisalone, the showroom is open daily from 10:00 to 19:30, except Thursdays, when doors close at 17:00.


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