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Truly embodying the essence of Made in Italy – Meet Ceramica Dolomite

Ceramica Dolomite, a sanitary ceramics company located in Borgo Valbelluna, has been proudly registered in the National Register of Certified Italian Producers as “100% Made in Italy.”

The Made in Italy brand carries substantial value, often exceeding that of the corporate brand. But what does it truly mean to be Made in Italy? Ceramica Dolomite exemplifies this concept. The certification it proudly holds, both essential and beneficial, underscores the company’s commitment to local production without shortcuts or gimmicks, ensuring the highest quality for its customers.

This prestigious certification, granted by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers (the only national certifying body registered with CNEL) according to the IT01 – 100% Original Italian Quality guidelines, verifies that the entire production process is conducted in Italy, ensuring the Italian origin of raw materials and packaging for sanitary ceramics. This recognition allows producers to distinguish their products from those of uncertain Italian origin, providing consumers with guaranteed authenticity and quality. It also assures the reliability and premium quality of our entirely Made in Italy products.

Ceramica Dolomite _ OLTRE system + MIA+ collection (4)
© Ceramica Dolomite

The Ceramica Dolomite brand upholds excellence in raw materials, Italian design and manufacturing processes, ethics, safety, hygiene, and environmental sustainability. Established in 1965 in Trichiana (now Borgo Valbelluna) at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites, it has always represented the skill of producing sanitary ceramics that blend the passion and expertise of their team with the latest automated production technologies.

Today, the company manufactures bathroom collections, laundry items, kitchen products, and community solutions in its 130,000 m² facility, 70,000 m² of which are covered, all while minimizing waste and recycling materials to respect the environment.

© Ceramica Dolomite

Among the various collections showcased are the OLTRE system, a versatile range of ceramic products designed to meet diverse needs with customizable configurations, and the MIA+ collection, a modern reinterpretation of the Mia sanitary ware line, featuring a sleek design without the side line for a more contemporary and elegant look.

OLTRE System

This system embodies maximum impact and functionality by using minimal resources to create optimized and efficient solutions. Its design metaphorically reflects water, featuring clean, essential, and streamlined lines that define every element of the product range: from sinks to ceramic shelves, “satellite” accessories, and shower trays. These products are incredibly adaptable and versatile, much like water, yet maintain a strong identity, emphasizing versatility. Additionally, the system is designed by Nilo Gioacchini.

Ceramica Dolomite _ OLTRE system + MIA+ collection
© Ceramica Dolomite

MIA+ collection

Mia+ offers a modern aesthetic update to the Mia sanitary collection, eliminating the side line for a more contemporary and elegant design. Ideal for any bathroom decor needs, these sanitary fixtures are available in wall-mounted options and feature invisible fixings, which make installation easy, enhance the design, and simplify cleaning. The toilets, certified to flush with just 4.5 liters of water thanks to the Aqua-Fall system and specially designed internal surface, are available in a natural color palette: white, matte white, and matte black.


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