EDIT Napoli 2023: Open call for Italian and international exhibitors

From October 6th to 8th the 5th edition of the authorial and independent design fair will run at the Archivio di Stato in Naples

The dates for the annual rendez-vous with the fair dedicated to authorial and independent design are now official. From October 6th to 8th 2023 EDIT Napoli will be livening up several high-profile venues across Naples, once more establishing its presence at a national and international level within the panorama of events devoted to the living sector.

Following on from the success of its 2022 edition, the international fair directed and curated by Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi has confirmed the dates for its fifth consecutive edition this autumn, launching an open call (apply here) to all independent designers and design authors, as well as both creators and producers interested in being included in the selection of exhibitors curated by the event’s founders.

Among the principal novelties of the coming October edition will be the event’s main location, for the first time at the Archivio di Stato di Napoli, within the imposing SS. Severino e Sossio complex, one of the oldest and most important centres of Benedictine spirituality in the Southern Italy. 

EDIT Napoli 2023 - Call for Entries / authorial and independent design
EDIT Napoli 2023 / authorial and independent design – ©Serena Eller Vainicher

This utterly special and majestic space, right in the historic centre of Naples, encapsulates a broad arc of Italian and European history that spans from the Middle Ages to the modern and into the contemporary.

As always, alongside the main location EDIT Napoli will giving its visitors privileged access also to an array of venues which express Neapolitan culture. This is once more a confirmation of the central role of Naples as a fertile ground and cradle for the birth and development of projects and collaborations which, for five years now, have been involving creatives from across the world.

“We have a number of important novelties for the 2023 edition”, explains Emilia Petruccelli, “beginning with the new location, the venue that will host our fair and the fulcrum around which will be scattered a number of exhibitions in the city. As always, we will introduce our public to some of Naples’ special and lesser known places, which will be throwing open their doors to the design world”.  

The Seminario has been reconfirmed for this year, the EDIT Napoli section conceived specifically for young designers, craftsmen and small entrepreneurs under 30 or companies started less than three years ago. This area is attracting growing attention, from both press and those working in the design sector, and has become an arena for the exchange of ideas at an international level.

EDIT Napoli 2023 / authorial and independent design – ©Serena Eller Vainicher

The return of the winners of last year’s edition will clearly also be eagerly awaited: ccontinua+ mamt and Paolo Marasi. Over the years EDIT Napoli has increasingly become an incubator for new authors in the design field, and we are able to boast that some of these – Very Simple Kitchen, Finemateria, Formaecemento – took their very first steps with us.

But EDIT is also a crossroads for firms and designers whose reputations are already established at an international level, and who see the fair as a special showcase for presenting their work. Past editions have featured a number of firms such as Zanellato and Bortotto, as well as designers such as Astrid Luglio, Sara Ricciardi – who also designed one of the MADE IN EDIT collections – Elena Salmistraro, Nika Zupanc and Constance Guisset.

EDIT Napoli 2023 / authorial and independent design – ©Serena Eller Vainicher

“We are growing and consolidating the work we have devoted ourselves to during these past four years“, explains Domitilla Dardi, “for the fifth edition we certainly intend to broaden our action in terms of scouting for editorial situations and to expand our search for emerging talents, with the idea of offering them the opportunity to present themselves on the market and grow year-on-year.

But there will also be more structured or established players who see EDIT as an opportunity for an alternative kind of visibility to present their special projects to our public. The aim is to enrich the geographical mix of collaborations, in order to open ourselves up to markets that are strategic and of special interest to us“.

EDIT Napoli 2023 - Call for Entries / authorial and independent design
EDIT Napoli 2023 / authorial and independent design – ©Serena Eller Vainicher

The feeling of anticipation in Naples is already high, and the prominent role played by the city itself is reiterated. Following on from the success of the past editions, Naples has proven itself to be a destination capable of attracting both exhibitors and visitors from across the world, claiming a centrality which knows no bounds, and a spirit of hospitality and inclusivity which are typically Mediterranean. 

For its 2023 edition, EDIT Napoli will once again be offering both members of the public and operators in the field of design the opportunity to discover products and projects that choose quality over quantity, with a focus on territory over globalization.

EDIT Napoli 2023 / authorial and independent design – ©Serena Eller Vainicher

Production process sustainability, understood in terms of being a short and transparent supply chain, is one of the event’s focuses, along with the ability to bring designers into contact with commercial realities from all over the world through the promotion of creations that boast the attention of a unique project that can, however, be replicated.


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