The wow-effect of AYTM designs

A brand that creates collections inspired by the vivid and shocking sensation that follows a good plunge in the cold Danish winter sea

The Curva stool by AYTM will be featured in the exhibition THIS IS DENMARK hosted at Alcova for the Milan Design Week 2023 

The Danish interior and furniture brand AYTM creates collections inspired by the vivid and shocking sensation that follows a good plunge in the cold, Danish winter sea. The surprise, followed by an intense pleasure and desire for more, is the wow-effect of AYTM designs. 

The inspiration behind the wow-effect comes from the Nordic roots of AYTM, where winter bathing is a big event and tradition for several Danes. Wow defines the result of winter bathing that is like a shock wave through the body and a rush of energy.

Even though the bathing takes place in winter cold seas or lakes – it will leave you with a feeling of being alive. The wow effect of winter bathing metaphorically compares to the wow effect of the items in the AYTM collection.

AYTM_Kathrine_Per_Hartvigsen [behind the AYTM brand]
Kathrine and per Gran Hartvigsen creators of the AYTM brand

The creators behind the AYTM brand are couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen who successfully has run the company Gran Living ApS since 2004.

We wanted to recreate that lively shock through our products,” the couple explains. “A mixed feeling of awe and happiness rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition projecting itself in a contemporary and sophisticated mood”.

Reaching the wow effect is not easy. It takes excellent design work, sometimes collaborations with talented designers, and a confident use of historical art codes:

We are not afraid to use colours in a spontaneous and disruptive way and we put a big attention to materials to translate a classic overall feeling in functional, unique and sculptural shapes”, the couple describes about designing the AYTM collection. 

The multifunctional CURVA stool

The CURVA stool originates from the interest for historical artistic codes and the cool expression of the entire CURVA family illuminates in the curved metal shape an organic form that can be interpreted in many different ways.

Art Déco here comes to mind, as this movement was born to radically reshape the concept of architecture and interiors, bringing an elegant and ornamental allure inside and outside any environment. CURVA recalls the same decorative attitude in a modern piece of multifunctional furniture.

CURVA stool designed by AYTM design team

Bedside table, decorative wall installation or an unmissable seat hanging from the hallway: The CURVA stool has it all – and is an exceptionally versatile item. The stool is designed to be a momentary seating accessory, a useful support and an even more useful placement for magazines, books and papers.

The unique reflection of SPECULUM

The SPECULUM table is definitely a wow product. A simple, box-shaped table becomes a lot more interesting thanks to its mirroring surface. The design focuses on geometrical lines, softened by angled edges enhancing the unique reflecting effect. The chromatic choices create a glowing mood that transforms an essential object into a small piece of jewelry.

AYTM_SPECULUM_tables [furniture]
SPECULUM tables designed by AYTM design team

The overall idea is to create a luminous detail in any scenario through a discrete everyday object designed to be suitable as a coffee table or side table for the bedroom. The SPECULUM table is a highly functional and usable item – and if you stack more of them together, it creates a true work of art.

The sculptural and handcrafted AYTM collection

The AYTM collection is composed of equally smart and elegant home accessories, sculptural and handcrafted lamps, chairs, textiles and outdoor furniture. Each piece is designed to enlighten and elegantly solve any daily life gesture, both in private homes and in hospitality spaces.

ARURA trio vases designed by AYTM design team

The brand was born from the existing import company Grand Living ApS. When the Hartvigsen couple in 2015 decided to create their own brand, AYTM, they wanted to ground their experience in the furniture- and interior design industry.

And from this, AYTM was born – a contemporary, sophisticated and high-end brand focused on giving an international clientele functional, unique and sculptural items that are made to last.

AYTM_TORUS_flowerpot [accessories]
TORUS flowerpots designed by AYTM design team

This is Denmark exhibition, staged at Alcova during the Milan Design Week 2023, wishes to offer an overview, through 15 selected objects, of how contemporary Danish creators and companies interpret today the key values coming from their national heritage.


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