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CCTV camera or table lamp ? Interview with the designers of Big_b

A CCTV camera is subtly turned into a table lamp, emitting light instead of stealing our privacy; silently intruding in any modern living space, gently forcing its owner to get used to the presence of Big_b in his or her everyday life.

Look at me, check on me, stare at me.
Each day that passes we are getting closer to Orwell’s dystopian future where governments constantly check on citizens’ movements, regulating their lives and reducing freedom of choice: this lighting piece represents a strong warning message, a statement of alarm.

A piece with pop-design-culture ambitions, also featuring an ironic interactive switch mechanism: simply cover the lens of the CCTV with the palm of your hand and the light turns off.

As one of the 10 winners of the contest ExpoWanted organized by DesignWanted for Milan Design Week 19, we had a chance to interview Luca Pinotti, who designed Big_b together with Francesco Stravino.

Tell us about Big_b and what makes it unique? 

Luca Pinotti: “Big_b is an interactive desk lamp. Specific gestures turn it on and off, therefore we speak of interactivity.
On top of this, the form of the lamp is generated by a social critique, which is the core of the project.”

Big_b - 1

How was your experience with ExpoWanted? 

Luca Pinotti: “We find that such contexts are an excellent opportunity for young designers, a change both to emerge and to present themselves to the public.
It will be interesting to follow the next editions of this context.”

Big_b - 2

How does Big_b respond to current design trends?

Luca Pinotti: “This product aims at raising a social critique against the usage and disclosure of data, and the violation of privacy through interaction with the product itself.
The market nowadays is moving towards new products where the interaction with the object is crucial, it is an important theme.”

What was the hardest part in the development of Big_b?

Luca Pinotti: “The most difficult phases in the development of Big_b were project engineering and communication.”

Big_b - 4

What is the next step for Big_b?

Luca Pinotti: “We’re working to put Big_b in production as some have shown interest in investing in the project.”

In your opinion, how is Big_b perceived and used by potential consumers?  

Luca Pinotti: “Big_b is a product with a strong pop influence, we imagine it in a house or in a gift shop. It is both a lighting piece and a conversational trigger.”

Big_b - 3
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