In nature he finds inspiration for his magnificent kinetic sculptures

M.A.D. GALLERY is honoured to exhibit the extraordinary artwork of Mr Bob Potts, with 7 of his elegant kinetic sculptures

As an attentive observer of the natural world, Mr Bob Potts is enthralled by the natural rhythmical movements of all creatures, their grace and form, and the way in which living things interact. In nature he finds inspiration for his magnificent kinetic sculptures, in such aspects as the flight of birds or the oars of a boat.

Despite the apparent complexity of the mechanisms, his purpose is to conceive minimalistic pieces, so as to convey the simplicity of nature and bring to life the beauty and elegance that surrounds us.

Kinetic Sculptures that take more than a year to complete

He does not aim for ornamentation and has no intention of mimicking reality as it is, but instead evokes its gracefulness through a mechanical device, utilizing hand-crafted gears, sliders, levers, cranks and chains.

In the movements of each piece, every part is necessary. In that respect, the form follows the function.

Each work of art is a unique piece and requires a considerable amount of creativity and energy. Although at first sight they might look delicate and fragile, his kinetic sculptures will fascinate you for a lifetime, thanks to the harmonious combination of the different materials he uses, including copper, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and, of course, wood.

Bob Potts - Kinetic Sculptures - Ascension
Ascension by Mr Bob Potts – M.A.D. Gallery, Geneva / kinetic sculptures

Mr Bob Potts is also stirred by things that people throw away and loves to go dumpster diving for inspiration. He doesn’t use the aid of computers, instead, the techniques learned in carpentry.

The creating process is peculiar in itself, and this is possibly the most important aspect of his genius. He has a specific movement in mind and tries to find the mechanism that leads to that specific goal.

Bob Potts - Kinetic Sculptures - Cosmographic Voyager
Cosmographic Voyager by Mr Bob Potts – M.A.D. Gallery, Geneva / kinetic sculptures

However, he also lets the creative process take control and evolve by itself, and most of the time the results are totally different from what he has original envisioned, which is a source of great satisfaction to him.

“It is very rewarding to see a piece grow and evolve. Is art not the reflection of the evolution of the artist?”

When you look at his final product and contemplate every piece, you cannot help but become totally mesmerised at the sight of such graceful movements and the harmony between each piece, from every angle and perspective.

Bob Potts - Kinetic Sculptures - Denizen Of The Deep
Denizen Of The Deep by Mr Bob Potts – M.A.D. Gallery, Geneva / kinetic sculptures

About the Artist

MB&F defines Mr. Bob Potts as the antithesis of instant gratification. In fact, he has spent his entire life in the shadows, studying, working as a carpenter, mechanic, musician; and collaborating with other artists, such as his brother and artist, DON, until he met George Roads.

With this popular sculptor and origami master, he built audio kinetic rolling ball sculptures for over 20 prolific years, creating the foundations of the great artist he has become today.

He had his first private exhibition at the Butler Institute in Ohio, and won the “Best in Show” at the “Made in NY 2011” juried show at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center.

Bob Potts' Portrait - M.A.D. Gallery
Mr Bob Potts’ portrait / kinetic sculptures


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