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Giving traditional bookends a clever intriguing twist

Patrick Christian Design crafts Book Vice – an extraordinary bookend where form beautifully follows expression.

Questioning the expected and creating products that questions the norm while improving the human experience, USA-based studio Patrick Christian Design skillfully crafts ‘Book Vice’ – an extraordinary bookend where form beautifully follows expression.

Patrick Christian focuses on innovatively fabricating objects and experiences that truly embeds healthy values back into people’s lives through meaningful design.

Looking at some of the books he had on his bookshelf  – Christian remembered the feelings they invoked in him while he read them throughout his time in college, studying design. 

He was reminded about how seldom he picked up his books to read once he finished them and was inspired by the poor experiences he had interacting with normal bookends falling over – so he aimed to make something that would do the complete opposite of that. 

© Patrick Christian

“Book Vice is an artefactual metaphor representing  the idea of squeezing knowledge into one’s head and the pressure to keep it all up there. 

It seamlessly embraces the reality of how little we interact with our books after we read them but effortlessly celebrates them in an unexpected way” says Christian.

Materials chosen for this one-of-a-kind eclectic product were brilliantly picked as a contrast to the traditional cast iron vise grip. 

The transparent glass base is meant to focus more of the observer’s attention onto the floating aspect of the books while the steel swivel handle and grips create a familiar interaction and are a nod to the traditional vise grip. 
“These material choices allowed me to take this clunky utilitarian object and reinterpret it in a completely unexpected and delicate way” Christian adds.

Book Vice by Patrick Christian
© Patrick Christian
Book Vice by Patrick Christian
© Patrick Christian


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