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This concept design lets users hang hangers on hangers

Created by product designer Shane Spence, it features a winding metal frame that extends storage space.

The hanger, which Shane Spence designed for Render Weekly’s Instagram Challenge focuses on simple geometries and materials that would accentuate its form.

Spence wanted to create a modern and minimal clothes hanger.

The designer also wanted to incorporate an innovative function. The idea was to create a hanger onto which other hangers could be placed, which explains its winding frame. 

Hang hanger concept by Shane Spence

When coming up with the HANG concept, Spence envisioned the final design being produced using metal extrusion.

This process involves forcing a cylindrical steel billet through a die of the cross-section of the hanger,  a low cost production method which results in minimal waste production.

This process is used for creating tubes and other construction products such as I and T beams.

Is the clothes hanger the new chair?

The humble clothes hanger seems to be a great source of inspiration as of late—we’ve seen a lot of concept designs updating it recently, including this one which features rotating arms to let users fashion it into a clothes clip.

Here, Spence takes a more pared back approach to design with what looks like a strip of metal simply bended into shape. 

Hang hanger concept by Shane Spence

“The CMF was based on extruded galvanised steel,” says Spence.

“This style is very popular in industrial apartments and would fit well with any clothes rail from IKEA or MADE. The manufacturing process is simple and cost effective.”


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