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Here is a solution to store and preserve your fresh food five times longer

Sustainably decreasing household waste, B!POD is here to help keep food as youthful, as the day it was bought. It’s time to experience longer lasting freshness!

Bringing in the magic of vacuum with one of the smallest and most powerful devices on the market, B!POD launches DRO!D – a groundbreaking one-of-a-kind high performance food vacuum system. Intrigued?

Today in Europe 42% of food waste occurs at a household level, amounting to 76 kg per capita each year. 25% by weight of what one purchases is wasted. For every kg of food discarded, 4.5 kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Did you know that?

With high performance and minimal effort, this is where DRO!D steps in and allows the storing and preserving of food five times longer by combining it with a set of circular rigid containers, perfect for all variations of food – raw to cooked, vegetable to protein, solid to liquid.

“B!POD is a brand born to improve the coexistence and lives of human beings on our planet, celebrating biodiversity and strengthening the bond between humans and nature.

We are the consumer innovations division of SAES – an advanced material company pioneering applications of materials to improve integration between humans and the planet!” shares B!POD.


At first, DRO!D utilizes a combination of unique innovative technologies designed by SAES to be able to seamlessly provide professional performance, but within a compact device for home use.

Its vacuum process is managed by one central button and a graphical interface visible on the OLED display – there are only two modes of vacuum intensity, to protect the food one loves and preserve it better and longer.

In only 30 seconds, the product has the ability to achieve a vacuum of 50 mbar, eliminating 950 mbar corresponding to -95% of the oxygen molecules inside the larger container.

Eliminating all oxygen, vacuum technology blocks the food oxidation process – allowing to keep intact the nutritional and organoleptic properties and without affecting odors, colors and textures.


Vacuum stored products can also be frozen, the lack of oxygen prevents the formation of frost, therefore avoiding the so-called ‘freezer burns’ or the food to be ‘watered down’ after defrosting.

It’s an excellent ally not only for the preservation phase, but also for the preparation phase – the vacuum is perfect for marinating food, it allows the seasoning to better, quicker and more effortlessly penetrate inside the food tissues. The increase of pressure, moreover, doesn’t allow water to escape from the food, thus eliminating the phenomenon of dehydration and the loss of volatile substances responsible for fragrances.

Additionally with the ultimate space-saving solution, the eclectic rigid containers are available in 3 different size formats and they are created so that they can be nested inside each other when not in use, as well as the heights are chosen so that they can be stacked in pairs inside any standard-size refrigerator.

They are made of 100% food compatible and BPA free materials and MOCA certified for food safety.


“This means they can be used however you want, wherever you want, they can be used in a temperature range from -30°C to + 97°C. Store them in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. Wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. Put them in the microwave, even with the lid on!” they add. 

The transparent lids are further made of Tritan – a new BPA-free plastic with a sustainable production and disposal process – with a glass-like finish. They are microwavable, dishwasher-safe and refrigerator/freezer-safe without being subject to the typical yellowing of transparent plastics.

This device is crafted out of recyclable ABS plastic, and the color black was specially chosen so that the virgin material can be replaced with its recycled version at a later stage.

To facilitate the recycling chain, DRO!D is designed with interlocking blocks – this Japanese-inspired assembly method eliminates screws and glues and reduces the amount of materials used and the number of parts needed to the essentials.


“Preserving food by removing air is an energy-efficient process. A vacuum made with DRO!D consumes one-fifth the energy needed to make a coffee capsule and its effect lasts for weeks. The choice that we made was to not use flexible plastic bags until we will be able to formulate a compostable/biodegradable material with the same performance!” explains B!POD. 

The brilliant utilization of rigid, multipurpose containers avoids the need to buy vacuum and cooking bags, as it’s not currently possible to create sustainable plastic vacuum bags.

“Use of these containers also results in a saving of more than 300 non-recyclable plastic bags per person, which corresponds to a per capita contribution of 30 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. Design, production and assembly are uniquely carried out in Italy!” B!POD concludes. 


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