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Established in 2017, FÓLK is a promising Icelandic brand that specializes in interior and lifestyle products. Our focus at FÓLK revolves around designing for contemporary sustainable living. We collaborate with forward-thinking designers to create intelligent homeware, furniture, and lifestyle items, all with a strong emphasis on sustainability, responsibility, and transparency in the production process. Our overarching vision is to empower and inspire individuals to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Studies indicate that a significant 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined during the design phase. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in driving innovation and reshaping traditional approaches.

By applying design thinking to established processes, we can discover novel solutions to address needs and challenges while reducing the adverse environmental and social consequences of production. We hold the conviction that consumers, in general, are environmentally-conscious individuals who seek solutions to address their problems and enhance their quality of life, rather than simply acquiring new products.

For us, the home serves as a potent space where we curate a collection of stories through objects and furnishings. When aesthetics, functionality, and ingenious interior design solutions converge, it’s a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved.