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Lodes, a prominent designer and manufacturer of lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, is dedicated to enriching lives through light in any setting. With a commitment to harmonizing form and function, Lodes endeavors to elevate every space with distinctive decorative elements while ensuring practicality and design integrity.

Established in 1950, Lodes has undergone three generations of evolution, driven by an enduring passion for light and a dedication to merging design with technological advancements. Their products are meticulously crafted to optimize living spaces, prioritizing ease of installation, user interaction, and energy efficiency. Quality is upheld across the entire supply chain, from material sourcing to production techniques, deliveries, and customer service.

In 2020, Lodes embarked on a significant rebranding effort, reflecting their commitment to exploring new avenues and continuously learning from light. This cultural shift centers on research, design, and innovation to develop increasingly versatile and innovative lighting solutions. Today, Lodes is widely recognized as one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of decorative lighting, serving over 90 global markets. Their offerings encompass both standard collections and bespoke solutions, offering limitless customization options through the pairing of lamps and canopies.

The “Standard Bespoke” concept offers universally applicable collections tailored to the specific needs of each space, while “Out of Scale” pushes customization boundaries, providing fully personalized solutions for any environment. Through innovative configurations in shapes and sizes, Lodes illuminates spaces with a luminous scenography that distinguishes them.