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Mernøe is a family-owned lighting enterprise established in 2021, rooted in the heart of Copenhagen. Our journey began with a simple yet profound need for lighting above the dining table of designer and engineer Morten Mernøe and his wife.

This necessity birthed our first design, Pendant No. 1, featuring wood’s natural texture as a unique reflector to soften LED lighting into a warmer hue. Crafted from the finest solid woods and metals, our creations are brought to life by the skilled hands of local craftsmen situated near our studio. Each piece undergoes a meticulous hand-finished surface treatment before assembly, ensuring unparalleled quality and texture.

At Mernøe, we pride ourselves on our bespoke approach, crafting each lamp on demand and tailoring materials to suit individual preferences, embodying a true blend of classic materials and personalized craftsmanship.