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A one-of-a-kind air purifier – Capsure is far from the ordinary

​​Inspired by a capsule coffee machine this product makes you want to say goodbye to inconvenient filter replacements.

Is the air that you’re breathing fresh and clean? Even your air purifier today can make you second-guess this thought with – dust flying during filter replacement and internal pollution of the product.

Successfully solving this problem by getting inspired from humble coffee capsules – Korean-based Inho Bae, Min Woo KIM, Segye Han, Jinsu Du collectively design ‘Capsure’.

Capsure by Min Woo KIM
© Min Woo KIM

Anything but basic, this purifier offers a safe and fuss-free method of replacing air filters as well as longer replacement cycles.

“Amidst the global pandemic we noticed facilities facing issues in maintaining a hygienic aura. As designers, we wanted to help.

We realized – dust that gets caught and accumulates in the purifier often gets dispersed and contaminates the surrounding air” say the designers.

Focusing on spaces from hospitals to homes where dense and sustained air management is highly needed – this purifier uses capsules to ensure that pollutants are filtered and sealed even during replacement and disposal.

© Min Woo KIM

“We designed three types of filter capsules one can choose from – EPA, HEPA and ULPA – to ensure that it could be utilized in various environmentsthe designers add.

Considering the product’s height, fans direction, capsule fixation and collection system – its core technology seamlessly encompasses a one-way valve.

Air from outside enters the capsule through this and further prevents regurgitative air including viruses and dust.

Used capsules are assimilated in a clear collection box making it easier to see when it’s full and needs to be disposed. 

Emitting clean air, this purifier further features a display system that brilliantly showcases the air volume, ambient pollution and capsule capacity. 

Capsure by Min Woo KIM
© Min Woo KIM
© Min Woo KIM


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