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Circular by Listone Giordano: the potential of the circular economy applied to wood

Circular explores the integration of sustainability, business, design, and innovative technologies, offering insightful solutions and perspectives

Presented at Spazio Arena, in Milan, Circular by Listone Giordano showcased two products that, each in its own way, embody the two facets of circularity: the more industrial aspect with the Graphit flooring (in collaboration with Alisea), and the nature-inspired collection Terre di Vigna (in synergy with Passoni Design).

Located at the highly central Via Santa Cecilia 6 in Milan and designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, Spazio Arena is not just a place for showcasing the company’s products but also a space for discussion, exchange, and learning about significant topics such as nature, wood, and human sensitivity.

Circular by Listone Giordano
Spazio Arena, Milano – Circular by Listone Giordano

The Circular project is born with the objective of showcasing and explaining how wood, the epitome of a living material, can transform and evolve without losing its essence. It does so by presenting two different types of flooring that promote a vision that blends environmental consciousness with technological advancement.

Graphit by Alisea & Listone Giordano

At the heart of it all lies a simple question: why not give new life to tons of graphite waste from industrial processes, saving time, space, and disposal costs?

This question sparked a brilliant solution that not only meets a need but also transforms it into an opportunity to create something new while protecting the planet. Enter Graphit, the signature parquet flooring by Listone Giordano, contributing to the virtuous model of the circular economy by gradually reducing reliance on finite resources.

Graphit by Alisea & Listone Giordano - Circular by Listone Giordano (2)
Graphit by Alisea & Listone Giordano

Partnering in this project is Alisea – Recycled & Reused Objects Design, a company that has been exclusively designing innovative products from graphite recovery since 1994. Through their cutting-edge transformation processes, all materials used in production meet the same high-quality standards as virgin materials.

For Listone Giordano, the word ‘innovation’ has a broad meaning,” emphasizes Andrea Margaritelli, Brand Manager of Listone Giordano. “And this is closely connected to the brand’s own identity, which is not merely a graphical logo for recognition, but rather a true representative entrusted with conveying the core values of a company: some materials are immediately visible, while others are intangible but equally substantial and crucial to the company’s success.”

Graphit by Alisea & Listone Giordano

I have always believed that it is the people who make a difference in companies,” confirms Susanna Martucci, Founder of Alisea. “This is the case with this project, shared between Alisea and Listone Giordano, whose spark was ignited by a marvelous material with unique chemical and physical characteristics: graphite.

Terre di vigna by Passoni Design & Listone Giordano

Nature and interior design in perfect harmony. Terre di Vigna is more than just that; it is a sophisticated wooden flooring crafted by Listone Giordano and Passoni Design, where the art of winemaking and design come together in a project that exudes both ancient charm and contemporary sensibility. In this remarkable product, wine becomes a catalyst for dynamic design, enhancing the connection between nature and wood.

Terre di vigna by Passoni Design & Listone Giordano - Circular by Listone Giordano
Terre di vigna by Passoni Design & Listone Giordano

To achieve this, Passoni has developed a patented and truly exceptional process for coloring the wood, utilizing the inherent properties of wine and grape pomace. Through their acidity and in combination with iron oxides, these substances interact with the wood, triggering a self-coloring chemical reaction.

Moreover, their alcoholic properties enable the use of entirely natural pigments, delivering unique and exquisite shades of the highest quality. Notably, this process is completely free from harmful emissions and environmentally friendly.

Terre di vigna by Passoni Design & Listone Giordano

The collaboration with Listone Giordano confirms the immense value of a research and development project that is constantly evolving,” affirms Tommaso Passoni, representing the fourth generation of the family brand. “Through this project, we aimed to pursue a truly sustainable approach in the production of high-quality, design-oriented furniture and furnishings for both residential and contract purposes, focusing on the well-being of individuals.

It has been a pleasure for us,” echoes Andrea Margaritelli. “For centuries, our family has nurtured a deep love for the winemaking tradition, and this project finally allows us to apply this passion to the world of design.

Circular by Listone Giordano
Circular by Listone Giordano, Spazio Arena (Milano)

Limited Edition is a concept that knows no bounds

As evident from the spirit that defines this project, the concept of “limited” applied to product collections does not refer to the limitations of wood flooring. Instead, it magnifies its potential and seeks to stimulate the growth of a limited edition product. Listone Giordano has adopted this strategy to offer a preliminary proposal that tests the market demand while imbuing a sense of exclusivity and immediacy. The collection, showcased during the recent Milan Design Week, is available through a bespoke approach and is limited to a select group of partners.

The objective is to operate with greater freedom and independence compared to standard collections, providing a range of dedicated tools for product promotion and education primarily aimed at designers. This capsule collection made by the company operates on an emotional level, generating curiosity and fascination around the acquisition of a truly unique product in terms of its history and aesthetics.


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