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A columnar shape define Vanco Design’s grecian inspired baskets

Called Column, the collection featured a striking simple design that draws from antiquity.

Column is a collection of baskets with a strikingly simple design that consists of two round and two rectangular baskets, both in small and large models.

The collection of baskets is designed with the intention of being a contemporary basket that fits in any space.

As such, the design of the basket itself is contemporary because of the simplicity of the pattern. 

During the design process, Vanco Design studio took inspiration from Greek and Roman art and architecture, in particular the classical orders that define the architecture of the time.

Column Baskets by Venco Design Studio
© Venco Design Studio

This resulted in a beautiful pattern, to which an additional function was attached, namely the handle. 

“The way the handle emerges and grows from the pattern is the perfect example for form follows function,” explains Vanco founder, Belgian designer Baptiste Vandaele.

“It challenges people to think unconventionally. This design is an honest expression of what design is all about. It has a clear personality due to the beautiful whole.

The way the handle is being shaped is a small detail with a big impact that taps into our subconscious.

The pattern has something personal and soft, and yet something formal and static. The column becomes an accessory for any space.”

A feat in innovative materials

“The material we have in mind is as in these renders, imitation leather or recycled PET felt,” says Vandaele.

“With either choice, the range of colors is innumerable, which adds a highly functional value for a full collection.” 

Column Baskets by Venco Design Studio
© Venco Design Studio

Both recycled PET felt and imitation leather use the same production method, namely ‘high pressure forming’, which is the shaping of material under very high pressure in a mould.

The material sheet is heated in an oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. The sheet of PET felt is then pressed into a mould until it hardens. 

“Because the material only exists out of PET fibres, they start to melt and then become hard in the shape to be obtained,” he adds.

“This ensures an enormously dimensionally stable product.”

© Venco Design Studio
Column Baskets by Venco Design Studio
© Venco Design Studio


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