This cork bed improves your quality of sleep

An idea of innovation that starts from the identity, where craftsmanship, design and originality mix together

How does a cork bed improve your quality of life?

The cause of insomnia or bad sleep is very often due to the environment in which our sleep takes place.

The presence of electrostatic and electromagnetic flows is one of the most common enemies for the quality of our rest.

At London Design Fair the young brand OTQ presents BISU, in Sardinian Language “Dream”, the first cork bed in the world which is capable to join functionality, ethics of wellbeing and design.

The absence of metallic components, the naturalness of cork, its antistatic properties protect the sleep from the destabilising action of magnetic and electrostatic flows.

«We are very proud to present Bisu in the UK market»

announced Matteo Congiu, 28 years old, Founder and Designer of the company,

« In the North Europe, people are very careful about the quality of sleep and green product design»

In BISU there is the essence of the OTQ brand: the quality of sleep becomes the quality of life.

Bisu Cork Bed by OTQ

Therefore, sleeping on a cork bed means losing yourself in the history of your land, places, memories, language, but also the sensorial and tactile features of the matter.

It means sleeping better to live longer.

Ottigu, in Sardinian language, means cork.

Hence the OTQ brand, an idea of innovation that starts from the identity and the excellences of the Made in Sardinia, where craftsmanship, design and originality mix together on the international stage.

The objective of OTQ is to pass down the knowledge of the quality of cork worldwide, a thermally efficient, insulating, but above all heat-resistant and antistatic material of high natural value.

The union between this material and the experience in the production sector of wood gave birth to the OTQ corporate and its refined collection of furnishing components and cork and wood objects.

Bisu Cork Bed by OTQ
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