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Damiano Latini cuts a sleek yet functional shape with new bold shapes and modular designs

The Italian design brand strikes a fine balance between aesthetic and technological research, characterised by its latest products, the Super Chair and the Icon Table

“We believe design is an instrument to improve people’s lives and we work with strong dedication to make it accessible to a wide audience,” says Damiano Latini

That’s the mantra of the former criminal lawyer, and founder of his namesake brand, which took its first steps in the world of kitchens back in 2000—an unusual background for a well-established design mogul, but less so when you look at his approach. 

As a brand, Damiano Latini is defined by a tenacious attitude when it comes to innovation. The company might have started as a specialised supplier of kitchen handles and sub-cutlery, but over time, has given way to a passion for design and a strong creative impulse which has promoted a transformation of the company and an expansion of production.

Damiano Latini _ super chair _ icon table _ vertical line
Damiano Latini team

From kitchen units to bookcases, the brand is always on the lookout for new challenges, and this year’s Salone Del Mobile will be no exception. 

During the event, Damiano Latini will continue its streak of innovation by introducing two new product categories to its catalogue under the guise of two new products, the Super Chair and the Icon Table; and an updated version of its Vertical Line bookcase.

The Super Chair

Distinguished by its organic silhouette, the Super Chair is a monocoque design made from 100% recycled plastic. It has been designed by New Yorker Nicholas Baker, who obtained the sculptural shape by developing the concept directly in 3D, starting from a rectangular figure that he modelled with the aid of the VR viewer until finalising on perfectly sinuous and fluid lines. 

Super Chair by Nicholas Baker x Damiano Latini

The Super Chair is made using injection moulding technology before being coated with a SILKY® finish for a more sophisticated rendering and a surface that is soft to touch. The material used is made with RE-LIFE® technology, a filled technopolymer, which is 100% recyclable, resistant and long-lasting. The chair has been made entirely in Italy and produced by SPM SPA, a Brescia-based company that has patented the RE-LIFE® technology.

Damiano Latini _ super chair _ icon table _ vertical line
Nicholas Baker at work, with a small prototype of Super Chair

“Innovation and research have always been the founding values of Damiano Latini and essential in every new project,” he adds. Responsibility is another, a conscious approach that is taken right from the design phase to produce sustainable, durable and recyclable products, most of which are made entirely of aluminium, a light, durable and recyclable material. 

The Icon Table

Designed by Antonio Lanzillo & Partners, the Icon table is an eclectic dining table that offers various configurations thanks to multiple combinations of materials, finishes and shapes. It is made from extruded aluminium and features a crossed structure with three or four legs, standing out for its plinth which is composed of profiles with different sections.

Four versions of the Icon table will be exhibited during Salone: one version with a rectangular drumast top and anthracite legs; an elliptical model, one made from marble; and a fourth, featuring a round top made of Laminam brown oxide top and bronze legs.

Super Chair by Nicholas Baker & Icon Table by Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

“In the round model the crossing is made up of three legs with three different sections: square, circular and rectangular,” says designer Antonio Lanzillo. “In the rectangular and elliptical models, a fourth triangular section is added to the three previous profiles. Icon is available with tops in veneered wood, solid wood, marble, quartz, glass and synthetic stones in various shapes and sizes.”

Most of Damiano Latini’s products are, moreover, assembled by means of joints and mechanical joining, without the use of glueing or other welding of elements of a different nature, a feature that makes it incredibly easy to reintroduce the sum of its parts into the recycling chain at the end of a product’s life.

The Vertical Line

Vertical Line is a great example of the company’s mission: a multifunctional double-sided dividing bookcase that, like most Damiano Latini structures, is light, durable and above all: recyclable. It can be used to furnish and separate two rooms intended for different purposes, characterised by simple lines that give lightness but at the same time versatility. “It adapts to any type of environment and style, and thanks to the wide range of accessories, it can be customised according to the customer’s personal taste,” says Latini.

Vertical Line by Damiano Latini
Vertical Line multi-functional bookcase

“Vertical Line is a dividing bookcase and a modular living system with integrated LED lighting—a dynamic and flexible furnishing solution designed to organise space. It is an eco-friendly structure, an emblem of responsible design aimed at facilitating the recycling of the product.”

At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Vertical Line is offered in an updated version with 50 cm deep shelves to accommodate the TV and a 150 cm wide module, to make the system even more complete. Available in various finishes and standard dimensions, the living system Vertical Line can also be tailor- made.

“People’s lifestyles have changed significantly over the past ten years and the pandemic has only accelerated these changes,” says Latini. “In particular, working life has become increasingly intertwined with private life, so the workplace is not always distinct between public and private.”

“We have discovered that it is possible to work from home because technology allows us to, or work in shared spaces because it is more convenient but also more stimulating,” he adds. This has created a need for fluid spaces that can quickly adapt to everyone’s needs. Modular systems are a dynamic solution to this need because they can evolve over time, and unlike walls, they create a partition that can be easily assembled and reassembled. 

“Aluminium structures like Vertical Line allow for the division while keeping the room bright and open,” says Latini.

Like most well-known furniture houses, Damiano Latini’s products are made in collaboration with established international designers, who design the initial project to then be studied, optimised and industrialised by the company’s in-house research and development team. It’s this synergy between ideas and technical skills, which the brand has to thank for its success. 

Damiano Latini _ super chair _ icon table _ vertical line
Modular Shell library designed by Nicola Checchi for Damiano Latini

Award-winning pairings have resulted in several notable accolades, like the Moove boiserie and the Hang system, which have won numerous international awards: Red Dot 2022, IF Design Award, Good Design Award, Archiproducts Design Award, New York Products Design Award, International Design Award. 

“Creativity, innovation and responsibility materialise in a sustainable design conceived to create timeless products destined to overcome the changeability of fashions,” says Damiano Latini. “Back in 2000, we never thought that we could become a leading national and international supplier of kitchens and furniture or today take part in Salone del Mobile with iconic products like the Super Chair and the Icon Table.”

Damiano Latini sees design as a useful tool for improving people’s lives, through the creation of beautiful and functional products. Beauty is the irrational element that arouses emotions in those who experience it, while functionality is what gives meaning to the product itself.

Aesthetic research, know-how and ongoing collaboration with well-established designers are key to  Damiano Latini to create innovative and original furnishing solutions, capable of combining creativity and functionality.

Super Chair by Nicholas Baker x Damiano Latini

Nowadays, Damiano Latini with the strategic supervision of art director Antonio Lanzillo, is redefining and repositioning the company. In addition to the production of handles, over the years Latini has added the production of railing systems, hinged kitchen shelves, hinged shelving and spacer shelving from floor to ceiling. All these items have become the brand’s pride thanks to its creativity, functionality and innovative design. 

“Each product, whether it is a small accessory for the kitchen or bathroom or a system of partitions from shelves from floor to ceiling, is created to make it possible to design and equip any room in a simple and functional way. Shapes, colours and materials are the tools that the company uses to create original combinations and innovative solutions.”


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