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From wood to art: the inspiration behind Delcourt’s latest table collection

Christophe Delcourt’s latest creation, NIN, previews the upcoming collection ‘At the Edge of the Woods’ at Milan Design Week 2023

For over two decades, the Delcourt Collection has maintained its essence and values. However, the line is evolving, becoming bolder and more eclectic, drawing inspiration from various sources, including architectural elements, art, materials, and assembly techniques.

The new proposals by Christophe Delcourt for 2023 express the brand’s commitment to enhancing interior spaces through furniture that reflects comfort and style.

NIN Table Collection by Delcourt collection (2)
© Delcourt Collection

The NIN table is a primary and essential element of interior architecture according to Delcourt. This table exemplifies the brand’s attachment to wood and cabinetmaking, showcasing a range of designs, including rectangular and round tables, consoles, guéridons, and low tables, all made of brushed oak.

NIN’s designs reveal the brand‘s meticulous attention to detail and its quest for perfection.

NIN Table Collection by Delcourt collection
© Delcourt Collection

It’s a preview of the upcoming collection “At the Edge of the Woods,” which will debut during the April 2023 Design Week in Milan offering an opportunity to witness the Delcourt Collection’s evolution and commitment to artisanship.

About Delcourt Collection

Since 1995, when the publishing house was established, Christophe Delcourt has collaborated closely with renowned guest designers such as François Champsaur, Jean-Pierre Tortil, Tristan Auer, Forest & Giaconia, Charles Kalpakian, and Vincent Dupont-Rougier, as well as a network of skilled craftsmen including cabinetmakers, ceramists, brass casting experts, upholsterers, and stone masons.

This collaboration has resulted in the creation, design, and production of each piece, forming a catalog that is now a hallmark of French furniture expertise.

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