Nestled within Parco Sempione, a visionary urban greenhouse emerges

Design Society’s pioneering outlook will be showcased at Milan Design Week, highlighting the synergy between creativity, innovation, and design.

From April 15 to 21, during Milan Design Week 2024, Piazza del Cannone will become the vibrant heart of Design Society, a creative hub established to foster connections within the design community throughout Design Week. Set against the verdant backdrop of Milan’s Parco Sempione, this event will unfold in a stunning glass greenhouse created by Privitera Eventi.

Over seven days, attendees can immerse themselves in a diverse program of events, workshops, and interactive activities developed in partnership with a roster of artists, designers, and innovators. The objective is to cultivate a dialogue that merges tradition with innovation, respecting heritage while embracing the future.

Design Society _ visionary urban greenhouse _ milan design week 2024
© Design Society

Design Society transforms Piazza del Cannone – an already historical and strategic point of cultural aggregation – into a space where the city can interface itself with design. For this reason, we are proud to have taken the reins of this project that aims to open a dialogue on a new way of doing and living design, putting the idea and the enhancement of the context in which it is inserted.” – says Fabio Carulli, partner of We Are You, the organizer of the event.

Piazza del Cannone is set to transform into a dynamic laboratory of innovation, exploring sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technology in harmony. Among the highlights, Privitera Eventi, Makers Hub, and Garage Italia Customs will present discussions on emerging global design trends, educational programs for students and emerging designers, and workshops on sustainable materials. More than an event, Design Society embodies a forward-thinking philosophy, striving for a sustainable future.

Design Society _ visionary urban greenhouse _ milan design week 2024
Spiaggina by Garage Italia Custom, in collaboration with Bonacina – Design Society

This vision will be showcased through the “Shaped by Design” exhibition, a collaboration with Design Open Spaces, featuring an illuminated greenhouse that symbolizes the integration of eco-friendly technology in design. The exhibition aims to provoke thought on design’s impact on daily life and the symbiosis between sustainability and creativity, enriched by the work of international emerging artists.

Design Society extends its educational outreach to young minds, with special activities planned for children, including a workshop with Burro Studio that encourages artistic expression through color. The event concludes with a series of performances, inviting the entire Design Week community to celebrate creativity and innovation.

Design Society _ visionary urban greenhouse _ milan design week 2024
© Francesco d’Angela, AI artist – Design Society

This gathering at Parco Sempione underscores the collective spirit of Milan Design Week, marking a memorable conclusion to a week dedicated to exploring the boundaries of design.


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