Tati Ferrucio

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Tati Ferrucio is a Brazilian industrial designer renowned for her passion for design and innovation. With a career spanning since 2016, she has been actively involved in the creative industry, shaping products across various markets such as toys, furniture, and home appliances. Having worked in Rio de Janeiro, Düsseldorf, and now NYC, Tati has garnered diverse experiences in design practices worldwide, enabling her to spearhead advancements in design, manufacturing, and sustainability across both corporate and consultancy realms. Currently, she is Senior Industrial Designer at LIXIL Global Design / Americas.

Through her extensive practice, Tati has come to believe that design should evoke the best in people. Her overarching objective is to empower individuals to enhance their quality of life and effect positive change in their communities. Understanding that design must seamlessly integrate into people’s lives across different contexts and periods, she strives to create designs that are not only meaningful but also timeless. Tati envisions design as a catalyst for building lasting memories, becoming an integral part of individuals’ journeys throughout their existence.