Bringing companies and innovative startups together at Dubai Design Week

Presented within Isola Design’s Dubai location, Designtech introduced technology and innovation to the forefront of Dubai Design Week.

During the recently concluded Dubai Design Week, the Milanese technological hub, Designtech, in collaboration with Isola Design, featured a dedicated panel on Design Innovation, titled Designtech Day. The hub specializes in uniting companies and innovative startups to develop Proof of Concept projects with the potential to change the way we live.

Various case studies in the fields of Augmented Construction, Augmented Living, and Augmented City were showcased. These included sustainable and advanced solutions intended to transform the construction industry, projects that reimagine living with a focus on smart, adaptable, and inclusive approaches, as well as solutions that integrate technology and innovation to create a more connected and sustainable urban environment.

Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023

Designtech Day – Startups:

Aura System

Aura System is a forward-thinking startup specializing in creating eco-friendly, cost-effective air purification systems. Their aim is to enhance indoor spaces with more greenery, promoting sustainable environmental comfort in line with biophilic design principles.

Aura System _ Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023
Aura System, Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023


DMAT is leading the way in innovation within the construction materials sector by introducing a groundbreaking formula for concrete that reduces both costs and environmental impact. This formula draws inspiration from ancient Roman practices and was developed through research at MIT, which commenced in 2017. The primary goal was to create a more durable and sustainable material capable of meeting the demands of the modern era.

DMAT’s concrete surpasses traditional characteristics as it possesses a unique ability to self-repair, effectively extending the lifespan of infrastructure. This achievement holds significant importance in addressing present-day challenges, where repair and maintenance expenses can have a substantial impact on budgets.

DMAT, Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023


PUNTOZERO comprises a team of specialists who assist you in optimizing the potential of additive manufacturing by adapting engineering design principles to various additive technologies. They harness evolving concepts like Generative Design, Topology Optimization, Implicit Modeling, and Lattice Structures, which find their ultimate expression in 3D printing technologies. What makes PUNTOZERO 3D particularly intriguing is their embrace of BIOMIMICRY, an approach to design where solutions to industrial problems are inspired by natural processes.

PUNTOZERO _ Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023
PUNTOZERO, Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023


R3PLICA is a digital platform that aggregates a wide range of design products, finishes, materials, along with their associated technical specifications. This creates a comprehensive ecosystem of precise replicas, all cataloged and verified by reputable brands. This ecosystem empowers architects and designers with the flexibility to bring any architectural design to life, knowing they have access to certified components and data. This entire process takes place directly within the real-time software Unreal Engine 5.

R3PLICA, Designtech Day at Dubai Design Week 2023


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