The 23rd edition of Dutch Design Week is now accepting submissions

The 23rd edition has officially opened its doors for submissions, inviting creators to submit their visionary projects by June 14th. From October 19-27, Eindhoven will transform into a showcase for the design of tomorrow, offering an unmatched week of innovation and creativity.

Dutch Design Week (DDW) focuses on both the future of design and designing the future. Over the course of nine days, Eindhoven dedicated itself entirely to the world of design, encompassing every discipline and facet imaginable. The event highlights the importance of expertise, talent, experimentation, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Moreover, DDW serves as a crucial forum for reflecting on and debating the entirety of the design profession.

Dutch Design Week 2024 _ Call for Entries
Dutch Design Week 2023 – © Max Kneefel

The event is committed to providing designers with a platform to present their exceptional and innovative work to both national and international audiences (see our favorites from last year). While the Call for Entries is directed at designers, the success of Dutch Design Week hinges on the collaboration among numerous cultural institutions, venues, brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

In 2024, there is a special focus on welcoming a diverse range of ideas for participation. A notable example is the unique Call for Grand Projects, aimed at securing a spot for significant projects in one of Eindhoven’s leading squares.

Dutch Design Week 2024 _ Call for Entries
Dutch Design Week 2023, Canal, NulZes by Alissa+Nienke – © Nick Bookelaar

The lines between design disciplines are becoming increasingly indistinct, ranging from the inspiring to the questioning, from amazement at technological feats to aesthetic beauty, and from speculative future scenarios to concrete design research and robust product design. It is viewed as their mission to showcase the ways in which designers’ ideas and actions carve out a positive future, as well as to bolster the role and influence of designers in society.

Dutch Design Week is striving to enhance the accessibility of its application process. This year, a detailed and humorous video featuring Bruno Baietto’s character, Teun the Raccoon, as a critical designer, will guide participants through the application steps in a series of instructional tutorials.

Dutch Design Week 2023, Canal, Koelhuis by Lichtspiel – ©

Additionally, the organization is introducing a novel approach by offering personal consultations both online and in-person at walk-in clinics, opening up new avenues for assistance and engagement.


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