Here is an innovative technology for colored electronic paper

Nanobrick’s E-Skin is an alternative to e-inks for large, informative, decorative and extremely efficient displays with unparalleled flexibility in design.

The development of this product has been exploring all the challenges and potential of nanotechnologies embedded in such devices. E-skin Anycolor is a device material based on Nanobrick’s EPD technology, providing the ability for customers to have E-Paper Displays in any color they desire and customizable size to suit various form factors. This remarkable capability extends even to the most specific and uncommon colors, such as Persian blue or baby pink.

E-skin, explained

In contrast to traditional E-Paper technology, which relies on at least two colored nanoparticles, leading to complexity, inefficiency in mass production, especially for large-scale displays, and increased energy consumption, Nanobrick’s EPD technology is a protected, state-of-the-art technology that is remarkably simple.

E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick, EPD Technology

EPD stands for Electrophoretic Display, a display where a dispersion of charged nanoparticles with an identical signal are uniformly dispersed in a low dielectric medium that can be dyed in different colors. When an electric field is applied, the nanoparticles move either to the top or bottom of the fluid depending on the polarity of the electric field created by an external power source, displaying or hiding the color, thus producing a “color switching” effect.

The benefits of Nanonbrick’s EPD technology

This material device adapts effortlessly to various scenarios. Its flexibility allows its seamless integration into different environments, whether it’s a small handheld gadget or a large-scale display. Moreover, under bright sunlight the display maintains excellent visibility, reducing glare and ensuring comfort for users outdoors. Personalization is also key, and this device offers an array of color options.

E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick _ EPD Technology
E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick, EPD Technology

Designers can choose hues that resonate with their individual preferences, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Worth noting is also the fact that it features an exceptionally low power consumption, operating even without a battery, through NFC signals.

Fields of application

The device offers a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Its design prioritizes simplicity, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, customization options allow users to tailor the display color and size according to their preferences. Regulated by white nanoparticles, final aesthetics result in the expression of natural, soft, pastel-like colors that are particularly well-suited for “EMOTIONAL DISPLAYS,” including interiors’ surfaces, electronics, and automobiles.

E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick _ EPD Technology (4)
E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick, EPD Technology

Moreover, this versatile E-Skin isn’t confined to specific surfaces. It adheres seamlessly to virtually any material, transforming mundane objects into dynamic canvases. Imagine a world where your coffee mug displays personalized messages or your office walls come alive with vibrant hues.

Can you imagine changing the color of your fridge by simply clicking on a button?

E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick _ EPD Technology (2)
E-skin Anycolor by Nanobrick, EPD Technology

Nanobrick’s E-Skin Anycolor is a remarkable innovation that seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. This cutting-edge electronic paper (E-paper) transcends the limitations of traditional monochromatic E-Paper by introducing dynamic color transformations. Unlike its predecessors, E-Skin Anycolor achieves this feature by skillfully manipulating single nano-particles within color dyes.

The result is a captivating display that can adapt to various contexts, from emotional expressions to informative content. It’s an IoT display, powering electronic signage (E-Signage) and transmitting batteryless NFC signals.


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