Effective communication of design is just as important as the design itself

E20PROGETTI highlights the significance of strategic and cross-disciplinary communication projects. Every interaction point aims to tell the design’s story in a unified manner, bringing its narrative to life.

Serving as the technical partner for the ‘Enhance – Design for Social Impact’ showcase, developed by DesignWanted during Milan Design Week 2024, E20PROGETTI is a multifaceted entity within the communications industry, tackling various aspects. The firm took charge of organizing the display area for DesignWanted, utilizing materials from Polypiù and crafting the promotional content.

As a crucial collaborator, especially in light of the pressing need to enhance a brand’s tangible presence and adhere to sustainable, zero-impact practices, E20PROGETTI leveraged its skills in a setting where design takes center stage.

E20PROGETTI _ Enhance exhibition _ Milan Design Week 2024

We invited the company to elucidate their services, on the occasion of their collaboration with us for the Enhance exhibition, and here’s what they shared.

What is E20PROGETTI? What is its story?


“Since its inception in 1992, E20PROGETTI has been at the forefront of developing promotion strategies, creating materials, and conceptualizing events, exhibitions, and publications for both public institutions and private firms. The agency has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to the Piedmont region, focusing on its economic and cultural vitality. Boasting a team of experts adept at offering tailored, comprehensive advice, E20PROGETTI stays at the cutting edge of new technologies and strategic approaches to work.

The firm offers all-encompassing support in enhancing regional or brand recognition through meticulous project management, event coordination, graphic design, media relations, setups, digital presence, and fundraising efforts. Beyond being a mere communications agency, it stands out as a distinguished publisher of books, magazines, and other materials that celebrate the unique historical, cultural, and natural attributes of the region. At the heart of E20PROGETTI is the integration of innovative design, marrying creativity with methodical execution, all fueled by the passion and dedication of its professionals to their craft.”

E20PROGETTI _ Enhance exhibition _ Milan Design Week 2024

Considering your collaboration with Enhance, the event that DesignWanted will hold at the next Milan Design Week, what is your relationship with the world of design?


“E20progetti doesn’t just create installations; it transforms clients’ visions into spaces that not only welcome but also communicate. Starting from initial suggestions and ideas, our team of experts works to translate these concepts into photorealistic renders, providing clients with a clear vision of the final project even before the work begins. Exhibitions, offices, retail spaces, trade show booths, and scenographies: setting up these spaces goes far beyond simply arranging furniture and objects. It requires solutions that can captivate attention, ensure efficiency, and deliver functionality.

Once approval is obtained, we spring into action with our highly skilled team of artisans. Using carefully selected materials, we work with precision and attention to detail to execute the installation within the agreed-upon timelines. From the assembly phase to the refinement of the smallest details, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality and meeting the client’s expectations. But our commitment doesn’t end there. After the event or exhibition, we also take care of disassembly, packaging, disposal, or storage of the installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free management of the entire process.”

E20PROGETTI _ Enhance exhibition _ Milan Design Week 2024

Regarding design events, what do you believe are the crucial components for a successful exhibition?


“For a successful exhibition in the field of design, several crucial components are often necessary:

  • Clear Concept and Theme: Exhibitions should have a clear and compelling concept or theme that ties together the showcased designs and creates a cohesive narrative.
  • Quality Curation: The selection of designs and exhibitors should be carefully curated to ensure high quality and relevance to the theme.
  • Engaging Presentation: How the designs are presented is crucial. This includes everything from the layout of the exhibition space to the lighting, signage, and interactive elements that engage attendees.
  • Networking Opportunities: Successful exhibitions often provide opportunities for attendees to network with designers, industry professionals, and other attendees.
  • Promotion and Marketing: Effective promotion and marketing are essential to attract attendees and generate buzz around the exhibition.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Exhibitions that showcase innovative and creative designs tend to attract more attention and leave a lasting impression on attendees.”

Which of your fields of work provides the greatest creative opportunities, and what makes it so?


“It depends on individual preferences and skills. However, fields like graphic design, product design, and architecture often offer abundant creative opportunities due to their focus on solving problems, expressing ideas, and creating functional and aesthetic solutions.”


As a business that provides both products and services, how do you approach the topic of sustainability? In what areas can you take action to create greater virtue in terms of environmental impact?


“Our businesses can approach this topic in various ways:

  • Product Design: Designing products with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials, and ensuring longevity and recyclability can reduce environmental impact.
  • Manufacturing Processes: Implementing sustainable manufacturing processes, such as reducing waste, minimizing energy consumption, and using renewable energy sources, can mitigate environmental harm.
  • Supply Chain Management: Working with suppliers and partners who prioritize sustainability and ethical practices throughout the supply chain can contribute to overall sustainability efforts.
  • Packaging: Minimizing packaging, using recyclable or biodegradable materials, and exploring alternative packaging solutions can reduce waste and environmental impact.
  • Corporate Practices: Adopting sustainable practices within the company, such as reducing energy consumption in offices, promoting remote work to reduce commuting, and implementing recycling programs, can contribute to sustainability goals.


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