EDIT Napoli 2023: contemporary design blends with historical architecture

With unwavering faith in the city’s magnetic allure, EDIT Napoli eagerly anticipates welcoming the public from October 6th to 8th

Building upon the resounding success of the 2022 edition, the highly acclaimed international design fair under the expert direction and curation of Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi, is set to host its fifth consecutive edition from October 6th to 8th, 2023.

Once again, EDIT Napoli will shine a well-deserved spotlight on independent designers, design authors, editors, creators, and producers, all showcasing their remarkable creations in the city that has been attracting global talent in the industry since 2019.

EDIT Napoli 2023: contemporary design blends with historical architecture
EDIT Napoli 2023 – @Alessandra Mustilli

Returning participants, including last year’s winners ccontinua+mamt and Paolo Marasi, will be joined by esteemed names like Aaina Kaari, delsavio 1910, Galapagos, CIMENTO®, Marco Ripa, as well as fresh additions Jonathan Bocca, Valnes Studio, Felix Pottinger Studio, Barraco, and Chris Fusaro.

This year brings exciting news with a new primary location for the event. Naples, as always, plays a significant role, showcasing special places that highlight different aspects of its rich history—some well-known, others less familiar.

To honor Naples’ centuries-old history and deep-rooted identity, the fair will be held at the Archivio di Stato di Napoli, within the magnificent monastic complex of SS. Severino e Sossio. This complex stands as one of the oldest and most influential centers of Benedictine spirituality in the Mezzogiorno region.

Archivio Di Stato di Napoli, EDIT Napoli 2021, Edelkoort e Grun – ph Francesco Squeglia – EDIT Napoli 2023

Nestled in the historic heart of Naples, this extraordinary space embodies the medieval, modern, and contemporary history of Italy and Europe. The former Benedictine monastery of Santi Severino e Sossio, converted into the general archives of the Kingdom of Naples in the 19th century, boasts remarkable architectural features, including its mesmerizing cloisters.

In perfect harmony with the essence of EDIT Napoli, contemporary design will seamlessly blend with the historic architecture of the complex, both in the exhibitors’ showcases over the three days and the fair’s overall presentation, designed by the acclaimed Stamuli studio, winners of the 2021 edition.

Additionally, one of the captivating cloisters of the Archivio di Stato will be adorned with a bar area crafted by Very Simple Kitchen, a friendly venture that has grown alongside EDIT Napoli.

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Murals _Play monkey courtesy Murals
Murals, Play monkey – © Murals | EDIT Napoli 2023

As always, the main venue is just one of the many locations involved in the event. Various venues throughout the city will host installations and special projects curated by EDIT Napoli in collaboration with renowned national and international figures in art, architecture, and design.

One highly anticipated project is the collaboration with Feudi di San Gregorio winery, a long-time supporter of EDIT Napoli, known for their emphasis on design, art, and creativity. This year, the partnership pays tribute to the late architect, designer, and artist Riccardo Dalisi, with designer Fabio Novembre creating a homage installation.

Novembre will bridge different and often overlooked cultures, connecting Naples with international artistic experiences through a captivating itinerant installation that blends artistic craftsmanship, design, and music.

Throughout the fair, the handpicked exhibitors of EDIT Napoli 2023, chosen by the curatorial team, will proudly showcase their work. Emphasizing quality over quantity and territoriality over globalization, the event prioritizes sustainability in production processes, promoting short and transparent supply chains.

EDIT Napoli 2023: contemporary design blends with historical architecture
Stamuli, Convey Installation View – Ph. Francesco Stelitano | EDIT Napoli 2023

Another focus is fostering connections between designers and international commercial entities, encouraging creations that retain the meticulous attention to detail of unique projects while having the potential for larger-scale production.

As in previous editions, a distinguished panel of Italian and international designers, specialists, journalists, and industry professionals will award prizes to the most deserving participants. The jurors include Manuela Barretta, design+art projects manager for YOOX; Marina Lazarus Million-Brodaz, buyer for the house department at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche; Hannes Peer, designer and founder of a renowned architecture firm based in Milan and operating worldwide; and Alessandro Valenti, Web director of ELLE Decor Italia.

Complementing the fair’s appeal to a diverse range of visitors, including experts and enthusiasts, EDIT Napoli 2023 actively develops partnerships that highlight the significance of networking. This year, the event proudly presents two international collaborations, both aimed at supporting and promoting young talent.

EDIT Napoli 2023: contemporary design blends with historical architecture
Monoferments, Semplicemente Circolare Palette S – ph Mario Teli | EDIT Napoli 2023

The first collaboration is with the Embassy and Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, launching the “Young Dutch Titans 2023” competition, offering emerging Dutch creatives the opportunity to exhibit at the EDIT Napoli Seminario.

The second collaboration, in association with the Instituto Cervantes de Nápoles, introduces the “España Diseño Mediterráneo” special open call, inviting young Spanish designers to showcase their work during the event in Naples. These initiatives underscore EDIT Napoli’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering international creative exchange.

As the countdown begins, Naples is poised to assert its global significance, showcasing its soul, diverse character, and countless historical, artistic, and cultural treasures that have earned it international recognition and acclaim.


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