Eilik is an interactive desktop companion robot with personality

Eilik uses touch sensors to enhance its emotional intelligence and promote a higher level of social interaction between humans and robots.

The Eilik Robot is reminiscent of a Tamagotchi when it comes to purpose and function. Designed by Hong Kong-based start-up Energize Lab as a companion device, Eilik responds to user interaction with animated facial expressions which illuminate an OLED screen.

Another feature Eilik has that is similar to a Tamagotchi is the ability to connect with other devices. When left alone, Eilik entertains itself but when paired with another Eilik, they can play or fight with each other.

Multiple Eiliks can also be grouped together to form tiny armies that sing and dance in unison.

Eilik Robot uses a proprietary EM3 servo motor that allows the hands to be more flexible and dexterous.

In fact, the hands act as controls for the robot’s screen brightness and volume, allowing users to adjust them by lifting the hands up or down.

The design team at Energize Lab have also included magnets that allow Eilik Robot to hold a slew of food and drink items.

Eilik robot _ interactive desktop companion _ emotional intelligence
© Eilik Robot

Meanwhile, a series of mics and touch sensors allow the robot to detect voices, touch, impact/shock, and even if it’s being elevated—a vibration motor that provides haptic feedback similar to an animal reacting to being petted.

Each robot comes as a standalone unit that stands at 5.2-inches tall, and ships with a manual, Eilik’s software, and a USB-C cord for charging.

Eilik Robot: A friendly gadget that’s useful too

Eilik is fun but its purpose extends beyond its toy-like nature.

Eilik Robot _ interactive desktop companion _ emotional intelligence
© Eilik Robot

Drawing inspiration from the idea of a robot assistant, but packaged in a tiny table-top gadget, it relieves stress the way a pet would, but it also helps with work by acting as an alarm clock, a stopwatch, or a Pomodoro timer.


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