Can we grow fireworks? Introducing Eldblóm by artist Sigga Soffía

Through design, dance and a little of imagination, the artist Sigga Soffía has given life to a project that promises to brighten our home and moments.

The project is a shapeshifter, a dance performance that turned into a fireworks show, that became a flower installation and now it’s represented by 3 different products.

Eldblóm – The Elixir liquor

A liquor made by the artist Sigga Soffía in collaboration with Foss Distillery.

A choreographed flowerbed has been stripped of blooms, that have been infused into a liquor. Also known as the Icelandic Spritz.

Eldblóm _ Sigga Soffía _ designmarch 2022
© Lilja Birgis

Eldblóm – The Scent

It was made by Sigga Soffía (Eldblóm) and the artist Lilja Birgis (fisher), who last winter joint forces with the art gallery LISTVAL.

It is a parfum made from the flowers of Eldblóm, the same which the most common known fireworks were originally inspired from. Dahlias, Lillys and Peonies, to name a few.

The scent and the liquor were inspired by each other.

Grow your own fireworks

Last year, Eldblóm presented a series of gift boxes with 100% natural fireworks: seeds and tubers of the flowers that fireworks were originally designed from.

A metaphoric way to make beautiful explosions without environmental pollution.

The brand sells two types of boxes: BANG and KABLOOM.

As you can imagine, they are seasonal products, sold once a year – in February, right before flowers are ready to blooming – and sent to the buyers in March, when the time has come to grow your own natural fireworks.

© Lilja Birgis

The event at Harpa center, in Reykjavík during Designmarch

The Eldblóm tasting event toke place at the Art Gallery Listval in Harpa, during our visit at Designmarch.

It was a festival for the senses, a moment to enjoy the liquor, learn dance moves and smell the fantastic scent. It was an introduction to the poetic trip that Eldblóm promises to its clients.

Eldblóm _ Sigga Soffía _ designmarch 2022
© Lilja Birgis


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