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8 electric bicycles to turn you into a daily rider

Electric bicycles are changing the way we commute, giving incentives to become daily riders, making cities greener, and changing the urban landscape

Since its creation and introduction in Europe in the 19th century, the bicycle has conquered the world. Now, it’s time for electric bicycles.

This invention has had remarkable effects on society, playing key roles in the development of contemporary culture, from wars to civil rights movements. 

The genius of a bicycle stems from the fact that it can easily transfer the power of pedaling into a fast and almost effortless horizontal movement, with very little technology.

The bicycle is in fact the most efficient human-powered means of transportation, and the least polluting.

The bicycle has undergone continual adaptation and improvement since its inception.

These innovations have continued with the advent of new materials, designs, and construction techniques.

Much of the bicycle’s innovation eventually played a key role in the whole transportation industry including the development of steel frames, ball bearings, pneumatic tires, chain-driven sprockets, and tension-spoked wheels.

Despite being created in a utilitarian way, as a means of mobility and transportation, the bicycle quickly became a recreational tool, being adapted to several different activities, from bicycle touring to mountain biking, making it one of the most inexpensive, fast, fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly modes of transport.

The bicycle industry has seen a current trend in electric bicycles.

Also known as an e-bike, these bicycles have an integrated electric motor that can be used for assisting the rider’s pedal-power.

Here is a collection of 7 and a half electrical bicycle design that might help a further integration of this fantastic invention in our society, as studies show owning electrical bicycles turn people into daily riders.

1- The Babymaker by FLX Bike

The Babymaker by FLX Bike is one of the sexiest, and sleekest electric bikes out there.

Its more classical aesthetic and innovative technology combines the best features of both traditional bicycles and electric bikes.

The Babymaker was created by FLX Bike’s founders Rob Rast and Pete Leaviss alongside the company’s team with the intention of creating and sharing the coolest electric vehicles in the world.

They are definitely pedaling towards their goal.

2- The Urban Ultralight by Zooz Bikes

Designed for riders seeking a stylish and thrilling ride around the city, the Urban Ultralight by Zooz Bikes blends the qualities of e-bikes and the performance and looks of motorcycles. 

The Urban Ultralight was envisioned by Chicago based custom motorcycles builder Chris Zahner with the mission of entering the ever-growing demand for electric bikes and a mission to push what an electric bicycle can be.

3- VanMoof S3 by VanMoof

The VanMoof S3 by VanMoof is probably one of the most technologically advanced bikes available in the world.

With its own integrated computer and app and other very techy and cool features such as an industry-first automatic electronic gear shifting and integrated anti-theft tech, the VanMoof S3 is effortless to use, useless to steal and pleasant to look at.

4- Brompton Electric by Brompton

Arguably one of the top folding bicycles in the market, Brompton’s bikes are handmade in London and with many customizable parts, they can easily be customed to become the perfect bike for you.

Its ability to fold into a small, portable package makes the Brompton ideal for urban life.

5- Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert by Specialized

For those who desire adventure and adrenaline, the Turbo Kenevo by Specialized is probably one of the most capable e-mountain bikes in the world.

Known for producing some of the highest performance bicycles in the world and the first to create a production mountain bike, Specialized‘s electric bicycles surely deserves a place in this list.

6- The Vintage Electric Shelby by Vintage Electric x Shelby

Driven by the need to create something unique and powerful Vintage Electric partnered with Shelby USA to create a classic take on an electric bike. 

Blurring the lines between an electric bike and an electric motorcycle this beautiful collaboration is a Limited Edition design, featuring the iconic Cobra logo, painted in Shelby Blue with Black race stripes. 

7- Pressed E-Bike by Leaos

Developed by Leaos and designed by Italian designer Harry Thaler, known for his “pressed chair” creation, the Pressed E-bike is one of the lightest e-bikes with a removable battery, weighing only 15kg.

The low weight makes the Leaos bicycle easy to handle, riding essentially like a normal bike without motor support.

8- Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit by Swytch

Even if it is not an electric bicycle, the Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit will turn any bike into an e-bike, and so I’ll consider it a half e-bike.

The Swytch eBike kit is the result of over 5 years of development and refinement by co-founders Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma with the goal of making electric transport available to everybody.

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