Dedication to innovation, design excellence, and sustainability – the Elleci way

Elleci’s strategic framework focuses on gaining a long-term competitive advantage through technological innovation, creating distinct offerings, and specializing in its market segment.

With over three decades of experience in the furniture industry, Elleci has consistently garnered recognition for its exceptional product designs, supported by key clients from the inception of each project. The company specializes in the design, production, and distribution of sinks, washbasins, and design accessories for the Kitchen and Bath industry, holding the position of market leader in Italy and ranking fourth worldwide in the manufacture of composite sinks.

In this insightful conversation with Mario Bruno, Sales & Marketing Director, we got a comprehensive look into how Elleci integrates cutting-edge technology and user-centric design to maintain its leadership in the industry, while also emphasizing its ongoing efforts in environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Elleci _ composite washbasin _ interview with Mario Bruno
Mario Bruno, Sales & Marketing Director at Elleci

What is the background and design journey of Elleci?

Mario Bruno:

“With over thirty years of expertise in product design within the furniture industry, validated by numerous awards, our team of creatives and designers receives support from our key-clients right from the initial stages of the project’s conception. This collaboration leads to the development of a design brief where technical limitations, target demographics, ergonomic and industrial challenges are seamlessly integrated, fostering a cohesive blend of engineering, design, and market demands.”

Your products are made from composite materials. Could you explain what a composite material is? What are its characteristics and advantages compared to conventional materials?

Mario Bruno:

“A composite material blends two or more distinct materials with differing physical and chemical properties. This fusion creates a new material that possesses unique and enhanced characteristics. Unlike traditional materials, composites leverage the attributes of their constituent elements through sophisticated production techniques, achieving unparalleled aesthetic and performance standards.”

Elleci HQs

How do your products come into being? What significance does analyzing trends and user requirements hold?

Mario Bruno:

“The initial stage of the process originates from idea generation, where we examine products from various angles to spark creativity and identify optimal solutions for an increasingly discerning, sophisticated, and quality-focused market. The rise of the sharing economy, smart homes, co-housing, and the blending of work and domestic spaces reflect the evolving trends in contemporary lifestyles. These trends present exciting new challenges for the industry, compelling a profound comprehension of the paradigm shift defining our era.”

Elleci _ composite washbasin _ interview with Mario Bruno
Mixology by Elleci

Sustainability is often discussed, but few companies truly excel when looking at their entire processes. What is your stance on this, and what strategies have you implemented in this regard?

Mario Bruno:

“The notion of technological evolution has become crucial for assuming responsibility for the sustainability impact of production processes. Elleci has embraced this philosophy for some time, making each business decision based on specific sustainability goals. Recently, the company opened its second production facility, which is highly advanced and focused on sustainability. Features like a photovoltaic system supplying 50% of the energy, complete water recycling in a closed-circuit production process, and the use of 100% recycled or recyclable packaging exemplify the concrete steps already taken.

Through the “Road 2030-2050” initiative, the company is dedicated to continually reducing its direct environmental impact and fostering a sustainable supply chain. In managing financial and human resources, Elleci commits to transparent and robust governance, talent development, and local community enhancement. The results achieved thus far and the plan to meet future medium and long-term goals will soon be documented in the publication of the first Sustainability Report.”

Sipario by Elleci

One of your core principles is ‘Innovation and ongoing enhancement’. How is this applied practically?

Mario Bruno:

“The Elleci Innovation Center, located at the Elleci headquarters, operates as a cutting-edge technological hub and a continuous research and testing facility. Here, engineers, designers, developers, and technicians collaborate daily to develop innovative solutions that enhance everyday experiences. Specialization and the interconnection of skills form the strategic pillars of the Elleci business model. The Innovation Center is positioned within a beneficial cycle of relationships and information exchange with other business units like Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care.

By analyzing market trends and societal shifts, and maintaining direct interactions with sales channels and end customers, we gather valuable feedback and creative input. This feedback fuels the enhancement of our offerings, which the Elleci Innovation Center efficiently turns into tangible products and solutions.”

Synesthesia by Elleci

Your company holds the position of market leader in Italy and ranks fourth globally in the manufacturing of composite sinks. What do you believe has contributed to this achievement?

Mario Bruno:

“The aim of many companies is to become a market leader, setting standards and becoming the most desirable brand. Achieving this objective is particularly challenging in environments of perfect competition, and it can only be accomplished by securing a competitive edge that allows a company to surpass its rivals in performance.

Elleci’s strategic framework focuses on gaining a long-term competitive advantage through technological innovation, creating distinct offerings, and specializing in its market segment. Successfully following this strategy will enable the company to reach increasingly ambitious targets.”


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