Lighting design

Sculptural lights by Etamorph reveal translucency of Italian marble stone

Messier and Aura by Etamorph are two unique lighting collections entirely crafted with natural stones from the Apuan Alps.

Designed by Enrico Tognoni and masterfully crafted in Italy with natural stone, the collection explores the interaction between inspiration, tradition and technology.

Light and materiality tell the story behind a unique design process that starts in the heart of the Apuan Alps where a pristine stone is carved and crafted to extraordinary beauty.

The are collections by Etamorph are entirely made with pristine stone


Named after the French astronomer Charles Messier (the first to publish an astronomical catalog of unknown celestial objects) and masterfully crafted in Italy with Calacata Borghini marble, Messier evokes the biggest mystery in the history of our universe. Creators and destroyers of our cosmos, black holes reverse everything we know about the sky above us.

Gravitational waves and concentric rings of light around the singularity are sculpted on the lithic surface through a unique crafting process that involves advanced CNC machining and accurate hand finishing. ​The final result reverses the ​perception of a hard and static material like marble​ ​that becomes​ ​dynamic and soft, instead.

All the lamps are made with a combination of advanced technology and hand finishing

Made with black stone from the Apuan Alps (Carrara) and finished with a leather texture, the singularity in the center delimits the region into which the light gets trapped and from which cannot flee.

Messier is both a lighting fixture and a sculpture. When the lamp is lit up, ​the light is softly released through the white surface,​​while the veins of the stone​ become dark, evoking chaos and mystery beyond the event horizon. When the lamp is off, Messier becomes a sculpture and displays the vivid colors and complexity of an extraordinary stone.

Available in 2 diameters, 24” (Messier 60) and 16.5” (Messier 42), the stone disk can be alternately made with yellow onyx or alabaster while the singularity in the center is available in leather or polished finish.

Enrico Tognoni was inspired by the universe to create the Messier lamp: the Black Hole Speaker gives a futuristic style to your home.

Messier is inspired by the universe and is customizable with two different type of stones


Aura is a contemporary reinterpretation of the ancient outdoor lantern.

Masterfully sculpted from a single block of natural stone, Aura is worked through a precise sequence of special machines and hand finishes t​o obtain a monolithic object that, while maintaining the identity of the original material, reverses its​ characteristics. From a solid and heavy block to a hollow and light tube, Aura is the result of an extraordinary combination of nature, tradition and technology.

The delicate translucency and elegance of the Calacata Borghini Marble, the austerity of the Pietra Grey and the wildness of the Green Guatemala make Aura both a lighting fixture and a sculpture.

Aura is a reinterpretation of ancient outdoor lamp

When the lamp is on,​ the vertical cuts on the cylindrical surface allow the light to pass through the pendant evoking transcendence and spirituality.​ ​When the lamp is off, Aura becomes a sculpture and displays all the vivid colors and complexity of a stunning stone.

The hardware, available in plated steel or brass, has been designed to be a quiet counterpart to the lamp and to enhance small, sophisticated details.

Combining art and design is also the philosophy behind the works of Catrinel S.tudio.

Every collection is masterfully made in Italy
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