Helmet with a one-of-a-kind augmented reality system

BEBOP presents FF1 – a full face AR smart helmet for motorcycles designed for Datechniq.

Brilliantly designing innovative products, experiences and strategies to make a positive impact on one’s life – creative studio BEBOP presents ‘FF1’ – an extraordinary full face AR smart helmet for motorcycles designed for Datechniq. 

Led by Soohun Jung, Rich Park and Byungwook Kang – BEBOP comprises a team of young designers who truly love the process of creating. 

Having different experiences in the past, they skillfully meld their approach into a tight collaboration. 

With their shared ambition – “we focus on an object’s true meaning to discover new values and make emotional connections between people and products.

The designers bring their own individual perspectives into every project, allowing us to develop ideas that merge their unique characters in an open and collaborative environment!” says BEBOP.


At first, Datechniq’s identity is beautifully elevated into a minimalistic sleek aesthetic that harmoniously blends with high technology details to express a premium and confident presence.

FF1’s embedded augmented reality system effortlessly allows riders to safely view information through the AR window. 

“This product has been created for consumers who enjoy touring or high speed riding, delivering a convenient technology experience in a market that hasn’t seen a lot of innovation.

Just like the OF1 helmet model under the same product lineup – FF1 features audio speakers and microphones for an integrated wireless communication experience!” BEBOP adds.

Additionally, this eclectic object’s safety features and comfort have been maintained while seamlessly incorporating the AR display and window modules.



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