Flexi-Hex is an adaptable plastic-free packaging solution

The development of public awareness around single-use plastics have created an appeal for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Flexi-Hex offers an adaptable and convenient plastic-free packaging solution, suitable for a variety of items, from surfboards to wine bottles.

Scientists estimate that by the year 2050, virtually all seabirds species on the planet will be eating plastic. This shocking forecast originates from our astounding use of single-use plastic packaging, of which, 80% ends up resting in landfills or roaming our planet’s oceans.

Flexi-Hex Slab
Flexi-Hex Slab

Despite the convenience and practicality of plastic, our unrestrained use of this material is causing unforgiving consequences on the planet’s biosphere.  The packaging sector urgently needs alternatives to the problem as global packaging demand is expected to reach $980 billion in 2022 [source].

Despite the fact that paper and cardboard account for the majority of our waste and having a significantly higher energetic cost than plastic, paper is a biodegradable material that can be easily recycled.

Flexi-Hex, Boardsports Packaging
Flexi-Hex, Boardsports Packaging

Flexi-Hex, a UK based company, began with the founders, Sam and Will Boex recognizing the impact of single-use plastics in the world’s marine environment.

The brothers’ passion for surfing and their personal experience of transporting boards around the globe inspired them to create a sustainable packaging sleeve for the sports industry.

Flexi-Hex designed an efficient way to protect the boards and lighten our plastic footprint, conceiving a flexible, hexagonal, cardboard structure that adjusts to the packed item.

Flexi-Hex, Package Material Comparison
Flexi-Hex, Package Material Comparison

A step in the right direction, compared to traditional board protection, typically made from single-use bubble-wrap plastic that takes up to 1,000 years to decompose.

According to Flexi-Hex, the current surfboard packaging time is between 15- 20 minutes and uses a variety of different methods and materials.

Flexi-Hex solution is constructed to be user-friendly and time-saving since the majority of boards can be packaged in under 2 minutes.

Cardboard is not only affordable, accessible, lightweight, and completely recyclable, it is also surprisingly strong and durable.

Flexi-Hex began with boardsport packaging but soon evolved and now develops sustainable packaging solutions across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, including the glass and ceramicware industry, known for its fragility in shipping and storing.


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