Future Architecture Platform stimulating architectural contamination across Europe

As a media partner of this unique event, DesignWanted was invited to participate in the Creative Exchange of the Future Architecture Platform taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in February 2020

Co-founded by the Creative European Programme of the European Union, the Future Architecture Platform presents its yearly event: the Creative Exchange.

The event revolves around a 2 days mind-stimulating transfer of challenging ideas, original points of view and daring project proposals concerning architecture in its broader sense, as a discipline affecting society in the first place and the consequent responsibilities of its professionals.

FAP - Future Architecture Members
Focus Talks at the Future Architecture Platform

What happens during the Creative Exchange?

Currently, there are 26 members in the Future Architecture Platform: they are European institutions such as universities, foundations, museums, galleries, biennales, festivals, associations, each one of them involved with architecture, presenting a unique point of view and contribution to the sector.

Each year, a call for architectural ideas is open: emerging architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, artists and curators are invited to submit project proposals to be evaluated and voted by the 26 members, 11 alumni and the public.

Gathering over 400 submissions from 53 countries for the 2020 edition, the Creative Exchange unfolded over 2 dense days, where 25 winning proposals were officially presented in front of the Future Architecture Platform members.

FAP - Future Architecture Members
Matchmaking Conference at the Future Architecture Platform

The Creative Exchange aims at creating opportunities for reflection around important themes related to architecture and, more practically, to create contamination through a natural and spontaneous matching mechanism.

The representatives of the institutions part of the Future Architecture Platform as members, listen carefully at the groundbreaking ideas presented each year, scouting for opportunities of collaboration and integration of such presented projects in the respective locations and happenings.

The architecture-based ideas submitted could be born as research projects, exhibitions, books or even art performances. When selected by a member institution they evolve and adapt to their new scope and context, becoming, for instance, a university workshop, an installation at a Biennale or an exhibition in an architecture festival.

FAP - Future Architecture Members
Future Architecture Fair

Various institutions shape the group of members part of the Future Architecture Platform, each one of them with a unique approach and involvement with the broad sector of architecture. We hereby present you a selection of the members to explore their fascinating work and relationship with architecture.

MAO Museum of Architecture and Design – Slovenia

MAO preserves and archives and displays works from important architects and designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, exhibiting the rich history of creative ideas. MAO serves as a dynamic forum for ideas and knowledge exchange. Since 1972, the museum organizes the oldest European design biennial, the Biennial of Design (BIO) maintaining a strong international presence and positioning.

Future Architecture Members - MAO
© Future Architecture Platform

The Royal Academy of Arts – United Kingdom

With over two centuries of history, The Royal Academy of Arts remains a strong voice for art and artists. While constantly evolving over 250 years, the Royal Academy has held to its traditions and remained true to its vision of autonomy and political independence, continuing to be a self-funded place to create, debate and exhibit the visual arts and architecture.

© Future Architecture Platform

Fundació Mies van der Rohe – Spain

Besides conserving and disseminating knowledge about the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and the acclaimed architect’s work, the Fundació Mies van der Rohe fosters debate on contemporary architecture and urban planning through awards, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and installations.

Future Architecture Members - MVDR
© Future Architecture Platform

MAXXI The National Museum of XXI Century Arts – Italy

MAXXI embodies the importance of promoting the current creative expressions of a nation such as Italy, a nation characterized by centuries of important contributions in the arts and architecture.

MAXXI intends not only to be a venue for the exhibition of art from this new century, but also a place for cultural innovation and artistic experimentation.

© Future Architecture Platform

OAT Oslo Architecture Triennale – Norway

Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) is the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival and one of the world’s prominent arenas for dissemination and discussion of architectural and urban challenges.

Through exhibitions, conferences, debates, publications and competitions, OAT seeks to challenge the field of architecture, engage the public and inspire local and international debates concerning the state of architecture and urbanism.

Future Architect Members - OAT
© Future Architecture Platform

S AM Swiss Architecture Museum – Switzerland

The S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is the leading institution of contemporary architecture in Switzerland.

With an average of four exhibitions each year, around the museum’s key program elements “interdisciplinarity” and “history and the present”, S AM appeals to professionals but also to the broader public with an interest in architecture.

Future Architecture Members - SAM
© Future Architecture Platform

HDA House of Architecture – Austria

The House of Architecture (HDA), founded in 1988, is a non-profit organization promoting architecture and building culture. It works within the context of culture, social policy, education policy, and economy.

The HDA’s work is based on the concept of architecture as a vital factor in these fields, actively monitoring and working on relevant developments.

© Future Architecture Platform

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Portugal

Established in 1956 as a Portuguese foundation for all of humanity, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is designed to foster knowledge and improve the quality of life through the arts, charity, science, and education.

Future Architecture Members - FCG
© Future Architecture Platform


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