Not only an awards ceremony– Blending classical elegance with innovation

Enter a realm where tears of joy and laughter seamlessly merge with global designs, a space that was born during the unforgettable 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards Celebration.

Beyond being a remarkable awards ceremony, the 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards night served as a gathering of creative minds from all corners of the world, a moment to recognize their dedication, projects, visions, and the fulfillment of their dreams.

The journey began at the Ikebana Museum and led visitors through the iconic Rokkakudo, the heart of Kyoto and the birthplace of Ikebana. Amidst the timeless beauty of nature, KGDA winners immersed themselves in design inspired by nature and its sustainable applications in daily life.

2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards _ ceremony
2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards, ceremony

The path then took guests to Miyako Messe’s Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design, where Mr. Thomas Daniell, Kyoto University Professor and representative of the Asia Design Communication Platform, convened a gathering of participating designers.

It was here that they formally embraced the Global Design Initiative: Kyoto Declaration, uniting in their commitment to environmentally sustainable design principles and their aspirations for positive societal change.

2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards, ceremony

The collaborations with KGDA partners, including Kyoto Design Week, Mr. Isao Kitabayashi, and NPO World Cleanup Day Japan’s Mr. Takao Asai, added significance to the event. They extended their congratulations and honor to KGDA awardees and encouraged them to make significant contributions through design.

The celebratory climax occurred at Ace Hotel Kyoto’s Piopoko Lanuge. The winners raised a toast to the success and glory of the 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards, and the Celebration provided a platform to seek potential future collaborators and expand interdisciplinary exchanges across various fields.

2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards, ceremony

Directors from renowned firms such as 3XN in Denmark, Studio mk27 in Brazil, SOM in the United States, and Formeta Design in Turkey, among others, graced the occasion.

You can revisit those memories and celebrate the shared moments of this collective journey in design on the official website. The invaluable contributions of the event partners, including Dsign Something, ADF magazine, Grand Marble, Dari K, C&R Creative Studio, Ace Hotel Kyoto, Ikebana Ikenobo, Miyako Messe, nero magazine, Be-a/Be-a Company, Kid’s Company, Yoshi Kawanishi Photo Office, Rakufudo CO., LTD, and others, played a pivotal role in the success of the 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards Celebration.


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