Green Narae large art brushes hone in on children’s creativity

Unlike other existing art supplies, Green Narae is designed with a handle that’s easier for children to hold.

The aim of the project is to help support children in their quest for creativity. 

“I wanted to avoid the long form of the existing brush,” explains Huiwon Jeon, the South Korean designer behind the project.

Instead, she has opted for a larger, more bulbous handle to boost a child’s low dexterity. 

The handle is made from rubber and is featured in a project by Jeon called Green Narae.

This design comprises a set of brushes that pair the handle with a small plastic compartment for filling with paint.

Green Narae by Huiwon Jeon
© Huiwon Jeon

At the end of the compartment is a collection of bristles that are slowly soaked with the paint. 

The set of brushes draw inspiration from imaginary animals.

As such, each brush features a playful face and two ear-like loops that add an extra opportunity for children to grip hold of the brush.

Green Narae by Huiwon Jeon
© Huiwon Jeon

Jeon has also designed a compact case for children to store their brushes in one place. 

In line with the bright and colourful palette characterising the project, she has chosen a bold red colour. Meanwhile, inside the selection of brushes include pink, purple, red, orange, green and yellow.

© Huiwon Jeon

A regular paint brush just won’t do

“Conventional paints and brushes are not easily held by children,” says Jeon.

“They are made of soft plastic material and are inconvenient for children to use.” This project is a great solution that aims to help kids in their early developmental stages.

Exercising children’s fingers and hands can dramatically improve their dexterity and engage kids in playful activities. Green Narae does this whilst helping to promote creativity too.

© Huiwon Jeon
Green Narae by Huiwon Jeon
© Huiwon Jeon


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