Futuristic robot designed for enhancing digital interactions

BEBOP presents Information Robot – a conceptual autonomous robot for the Korean startup Zetabank.

Brilliantly designing products, experiences and strategies to make a positive impact on one’s life – creative studio BEBOP presents ‘Information Robot’ – a conceptual extraordinary autonomous robot for the Korean startup Zetabank.

Led by Soohun Jung, Rich Park and Byungwook Kang – BEBOP comprises a team of young designers who truly love the process of creating. 

Having different experiences in the past, they skillfully meld their approach into a tight collaboration. 

With their shared ambition – “we focus on an object’s true meaning to discover new values and make emotional connections between people and products.

The designers bring their own individual perspectives into every project, allowing us to develop ideas that merge their unique characters in an open and collaborative environment!” says BEBOP.

Information Robot by BEBOP

This innovative minimalistic Information Robot is a service platform for digital interactions that is brilliantly enhanced by seamless autonomous movement in various residential as well as commercial spaces. 

Its heath-conscious air purifying feature further becomes more efficient due to its ability to effortlessly move around especially in large environments.

“Based on the first product, Disinfection Robot – the Information Robot has been crafted to maintain a coherent design language while accommodating its unique functional purpose” BEBOP adds.

Additionally, it continues to present a friendly and approachable personality while its one-of-a-kind large display is the focal point that welcomes users to interact.

Information Robot by BEBOP
Information Robot by BEBOP


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