5 Design classics rendered today by Jason Zigrino

Turn back in time and experience design classics from the perspective of renowned 3D designer Jason Zigrino

Product photos have been out of fashion for a couple of years now, as digitally-made visuals have become the norm in product design: while most designers use them in the development process and advertising to showcase their newest creations from different angles, it can be an impressive design itself, and Jason Zigrino is the perfect example. 

The 3D designer has rendered design classics, showcasing them in a fresh light.

Let’s take a look at some of his coolest renders.

1. Yamaha TC 800GL

Upon its release in 1975, the Yamaha TC 800GL was considered a triumph of styling and stereo engineering.

Yamaha TC

Today when we think of cassette tapes, the first things that pop into our minds are Walkman and mix tapes.

But fifty years ago, there were many attempts to make them a serious tool for music reproduction.

Back then, the TC 800 series from Yamaha had the most unusual design on the market, created by renowned industrial designer Mario Bellini.

With its 3D render, Jason Zigrino lets us admire the beauty of the impressive design up close and personal.

2. Braun Atelier 1 Audio System

The iconic 1982 Dieter Rams Peter Hartwein Product looks as impressive today as it did 40 years ago.

Braun, the German electronics manufacturer, is renowned all around the world for its classics.

The principle it follows – good design for a better future – also applies to Atelier 1 Audio System.

Braun Atelier 1 _ 5 Design classics rendered today by Jason Zigrino
Braun Atelier 1

Jason Zigrino has remodeled the famous product in fusion 360.

3. Braun TP1

Another example of Dieter Rams’ excellent design is Braun TP1.

TP1 _ 5 Design classics rendered today by Jason Zigrino

The battery-operated radio and record player are held together by an anodized tray and a leather handle.

Created in 1951, Braun TP1 combines functionalist design principles of postwar Germany and the funkiness of pop culture. 

The original TP 1 design was discontinued ten years later – in 1962, but it is still considered one of the most iconic product designs that is recognized all around the globe.

In fact, it is rumored that TP 1 was the inspiration behind Apple’s iPods.

Jason Zigrino’s renders are dramatic – just like the product itself.

4. Braun TG 60

The first Braun tape recorder was more than just an item used for listening to music.

It became a representation of a timeless modern design.

As soon as you look at it, you will notice its most striking feature – the tape pools – which are recognized even 60 years later.

TG 60 _ 5 Design classics rendered today by Jason Zigrino
TG 60

But that’s not the only impressive part of the famous tape recorder.

The rubber roller lever is as iconic.

5. Braun TS 45

Braun TS 45 – part of the company’s hi-fi system was created to be hung on the wall.

The amplifier control unit was designed in 1964, based on Herbert Lindinger’s initial concept. 

Just imagine how good it would look in a modern interior!

Braun TS 45 is the true definition of timeless design, and Jason Zigrino has managed to capture its beauty in his renders.

Braun TS 45

Product rendering is the future, but it can also be a great way to look back at past creations.

As photorealistic renderings have overtaken traditional photography, we may expect it to develop even more in the future.

Jason Zigrino’s work sets the bar high as to what well-done renderings should look like.

Not only do they accurately represent every critical aspect of these design classics, but they also allow the viewer to envision them in today’s world.


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