A Softer Wood by Isabella Braunreuther

Project selected among the 10 must-see exhibitions in the Tortona design district, for our DWalking guide dedicated to Milan Design Week 2022

A Softer Wood explores the potential of non-commonly paired materials with a method of wood-weaving with industrial techniques and textile crafting, thus designing a fabric that can be used as a curtain, room divider, or acoustic steering panel. 

Taking the main characteristics of each raw material, stability and flexibility, Isabella creates a new experience where the textile allows the wood to stay inside the weaving while it takes diverse shapes as it absorbs the humidity of the space, looking and feeling alive. 

© Isabella Braunreuther

A Softer Wood is the designer’s master thesis and one of the winner projects of the ein&zwanzig competition, which offers design students and graduates a platform to present themselves effectively to the public thanks to the German Design Council.

About the designer

Isabella Braunreuther is a designer working on textiles in weaving, knitting and experimental techniques.

Her projects explore the diversity and horizon of textiles with a strong approach for 3D- haptic and stimulating surfaces driven by natural or recycled materials.

A Softer Wood by Isabella Braunreuther _ Milan Design Week _ Tortona
© Isabella Braunreuther

The tension and poetic relationship between the optic and haptic perception is inspiring her work to develop unconventional textiles. Textiles for her are a connecting medium between individuals, stories, emotions and spaces.

Therefore, she explores and questions our senses by working conceptual and intuitively in a subtle and sensitive way to harmonize colors, materials and patterns in relation to each other.


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