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Karim Rashid forms “blobject” lighting from plant-based polymers for Gantri

The Kobble collection features Karim Rashid’s amorphous shapes and pastel-hues.

Kobble is a unique lighting collection that is the result of a collaboration between Egyptian designer Karim Rashid, and Gantri, a San Francisco-based 3D printing company shaking things up in the design industry.

Born from the idea that shapes affect our mood, it features Rashid’s signature “blobject” style, devoid of ornate distractions that evoke a sense of harmony and positive energy. 

The Kobble collection includes a table, wall, desk, and floor lamp, all of which feature amorphous forms inspired by the “universal, soft form of cobblestones”.

Kobble lighting collection by Karim Rashid for Gantri

Custom-engineered plant-based polymers co-developed by Gantri and Netherlands-based materials company colorFabb are used to create the lights. 

These polymers are derived from sustainably-farmed, non-GMO sugar crops such as corn and sugar beets, and are specifically formulated for premium lighting to achieve higher temperature resistance and smooth diffusion.

Unlike traditional petroleum-based polymers such as ABS and polycarbonate, these materials emit only a fraction of greenhouse gases during production and can be easily recycled and reused. 

While each piece within the collection can stand on its own, the Kobble lights work seamlessly as a group to create balanced lighting throughout the home.

Complete with a museum-grade LED bulb and a custom dimmer switch, Kobble evokes a sense of harmony tailored to the user’s preferences.

Rashid has opted for polymers in a variety of shades to suit different interiors—the collection is available in four colors: Carbon Black, Blossom Pink, Sprout Green, and Glossy Snow.

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Typically characterized by amorphous shapes, high-gloss finishes, and bright pastel colors, Karim Rashid’s work often subverts traditional design rules.

As such, his fingerprints are visible all over this collection thanks to an energetic approach that has been channeled into a playful aesthetic aligning with Gantri’s philosophy that design should be democratic and enjoyed by all.

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