L.A.F. chair: pushing materials to their limits, thinking bigger, breaking standards.

It has a captivating appearance and a sensuality that can only be perceived to the touch.

Brothers and Sons is a Dutch design brand with an attitude for minimalism and an ability for industrial production.

The creative duo behind the label has no doubts: art directors Geke Lensink and Jesse Visser are determined to break the standards, making the impossible possible.

A miraculous recipe that consists of few, clear ingredients: pure craftsmanship, research and courage.

Both living and working in Amsterdam, Lensink and Visser investigate the surrounding world from a fresh, new perspective, adapting their creations to the perception of the users, stimulating the senses.

And exactly the senses are invoked by the L.A.F. – ‘Look And Feel’.

L.A.F. chair by Brothers & Sons _ Furniture Design
© Brothers and Sons

Design that the architect can fall in love with.

The brand’s minimalistic reinterpretation of the classic widely popular office chair, with its excess of plastic latches and levers.

The L.A.F. chair has a captivating appearance and a sensuality that can only be perceived to the touch, when the user benefits of its comfort.

Available in five different base variants and in a wide array of colors, the L.A.F. chair offers a range of possibilities that makes it applicable to different situations and styles.

Designing for the industry requires a high level of versatility as the product needs to work well in a variety of interiors.

Developing different bases is a smart way to give to a basic office chair a whole new set of characteristics that still work as a stand-alone design piece, with its own identity.

L.A.F. chair by Brothers & Sons _ Furniture Design _ Color Options
© L.A.F. chair by Brothers and Sons – Color Options

Brothers and Sons team connects forces in design, development and innovation, that are committed during the entire process.

The challenge in this case was to make sure that the L.A.F. chair could withstand heavy daily use while remaining a design object.

The creative duo had a strong vision about it and a clear visual style, but lacked an extensive knowledge about production techniques, which was provided by an experienced manufacturer that went through the entire process, from design to production.

This is one of the ways in which the brand represents connection.

Pushing boundaries means setting new standards, breaking the old ones.

With passion and expertise they have created a surprisingly timeless collection of beautiful functional furniture, with a focus on innovative and sustainable materials.

The L.A.F. chair embodies the designers’ desire to create something an architect could fall in love with, looking for the fine line between high tech and low tech that makes design exciting and capable to deliver solutions while being simply beautiful.

L.A.F. chair by Brothers & Sons _ Furniture Design _ Projects
The L.A.F. Bench is a very popular design.
Mainly used in larger public spaces because of its simple design and easiness to clean.

The Look And Feel series is more than just a chair.

A minimalistic design full of wonder is their answer to the new world that opens up when two creative souls meet the prepackaged world of industrial design.

The L.A.F. chair represents one of their first successes in this sense: pushing materials to their limits, thinking bigger, breaking standards.

Visit their official website to see their entire collection.

© Brothers and Sons

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