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A new, cool version improved with sustainable bamboo

Following the incredible success of Lucis 1.0, Lucis 2.0 Bamboo was conceived

Remember LUCIS, the fancy award-winning portable lamp? Following the incredible success of Lucis 1.0, Lucis 2.0 Bamboo was conceived. The charming coloured light went viral among tech, design, and gadget media, and thousands of lamps were distributed all over the world.

Its extraordinary success was determined by the combination of high technology with a fun, minimalistic design, as well as a number of other features, including its long-lasting battery life and versatile usability.

Lucis 2.0 Bamboo - Sustainable wireless lamp - red

The first version will remain with us as the beautiful, colourful object you will want to take everywhere you go, as will all the practical features and elegant appearance which succeed in making it your inseparable travel companion, and also an elegant ornament for a cool home.

It lights up when shaken, adopting the shade of your choice from a range of 16million different colors; brightness can also be adjusted as needed. Wireless and easy to clean, it has a portable pouch which also makes it fun to carry, as well as preventing scratches. Different accessories also make it adaptable to diverse situations and environments.

Lucis 2.0 - Bamboo sustainable wireless lamp

Its multi-functionality combines with the highest quality materials and a stylish, glamorous look, adaptable to every mood and all kinds of furniture in your home. Once you set off for adventure however, you can bring the lamp with you, together with its well-thought-out travel kit, which makes it the perfect travel mate.

So, if it is already perfect, what is the promise offered by the new challenge?

Lucis Lamp‘s Co-founder and chief designer, Simon Koop, explains: “Our new models and accessories are perfectly aligned with our mission to design the world’s greatest portable lamp that is able to seamlessly meld in every aspect of our lives.”

Lucis 2.0 Bamboo - Sustainable wireless lamp - kid

Therefore, following the incredible success of the first campaign, the founders were inspired to improve this oh-so-popular lamp even more, and voilà, Lucis 2.0 is conceived. The same cool style has been enhanced using sustainable material such as bamboo, conferring an ever slicker and simpler look, whilst supporting the ecological ambition.

The new lamp made with Bamboo is also extremely powerful, equipped with 25 strong RBG full color LEDS with a maximum output of 450 Lumen. With such an enormous battery capacity, it will give you up to 100 hours of full colour continuous lighting!

In what way Lucis 2.0 Bamboo is Greener than ever?

The specially selected bamboo comes from a particular species of bamboo called Moso, whose plant consists of multiple stems, where several stems can be harvested without killing the mother plant.

Lucis 2.0 Bamboo - Sustainable wireless lamp

For this specific reason, and because it is known for its CO2 absorbing and O2 producing capacity, this particular kind of Bamboo is considered ecological, and is the most commonly-used species within sustainably managed forests and plantations.

Compared to other similar creations, LUCIS’s features go way beyond those of any existing lamp of its kind, in terms of performance, style, and now also in terms of its ecological features. It would appear that, once again, the creative idea of the Dutch team is the brightest of all.


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